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An End of an Era for Cisco AireOS Controllers

Cisco Employee

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It’s been a long road for our AireOS wireless controllers. In fact these products have been around Cisco in some form since 2005. As you may have heard, Cisco made the decision to End-of-Sale (EOS) these products last month.

That means that these AireOS Controllers (3504, 5520 and 8540) will all be going away very soon. But before you begin your network’s transition to the Catalyst 9800 Wi-Fi 6 enabled controllers—if you haven’t done so already—we wanted to spend a few moments reminiscing about these old controllers.

It doesn’t seem like it, but 2005 was 17 years ago! That was so long ago that “Revenge of the Sith” was the latest Star Wars flick at the local movie theater. How many Star Wars movies have been released since then? Six? And that’s not including the TV shows!

Aside from finally completing the George Lucas’ prequels, what were you doing with your life at the dawn of the new millennium? Were you just starting out in your career? Were you already an established network administrator and quickly moving up the ladder? How did these Cisco AireOS wireless controllers make your job easier? Do you have any stories about how you grew in your job along with these products? What do you remember most about these controllers?

It may be bittersweet to realize an end of an era, but the fact that these controllers lasted so long is something that we should celebrate. And that celebration can’t start without you.

So either please fill out this survey or let us know in the comments below.

Leo L
VIP Community Legend

Survey done.

Cisco Employee

Much thanks, Leo. I appreciate it!

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