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Community Live- Understanding How Multicast Works with Cisco

Site Survey Only Mode for aIOS 3500/3600/1550 series APs

Rising star

Viten Patel

Viten Patel is a Wireless Expert working in Cisco TAC (CCIE Wireless # 37808). In this Video, Viten has shown How to do

Site Survey with aIOS 3500/3600/1550 series APs , Cisco Autonomous AP IOS Software 15.2.2-JA.

Site-Survey Only Mode for 3500, 3600 and 1550 Access Points:

You can install Cisco IOS Release 15.2(2)JA on Cisco Aironet 3600 and 3500 Series access points and on 1550 series outdoor access points to perform site surveys. This release runs on these access points with limited functionality. You can manually adjust these settings on the site-survey access points.

  • Channel on each radio
  • Transmit power on each radio
  • Enable and disable the radios
  • Manually set basic and supported transmit rates
  • Enable advertised cell power in beacons to client to enable DTPC for doing active surveys
  • Enable and disable SSID broadcast in beacons
  • Enable open authentication

Site Survey:

A radio frequency (RF) site survey is the first step in the deployment of a Wireless network and the most important step to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to understand the RF behavior, discovers RF coverage areas, checks for RF interference and determines the appropriate placement of Wireless devices.

Need for Site Survey:

In a Wireless network, many issues can arise which can prevent the radio frequency (RF) signal from reaching all parts of the facility. Examples of RF issues include mulitpath distortion, hidden node problems, and near/far issues. In order to address these, you need to find the regions where these issues occur. A site survey helps you to do this. A site survey helps define the contours of RF coverage in a particular facility. It helps us to discover regions where mulitpath distortion can occur, areas where RF interference is high and find solutions to eliminate such issues. A site survey that determines the RF coverage area in a facility also helps to choose the number of Wireless devices that a firm needs to meet its business requirements.


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More Information on Traditional Site Survey

Basic equipment required for site survey:

Some of the basic equipment and utilities that are required for the completion of a site survey include:

  • Wireless access point
  • Wireless client card
  • Laptop or PDAs
  • Variety of antennas (this depends on the requirement of the firm)
  • Site survey utility software

Steps to perform a site survey:

A professional installer is needed for optimal results. These are the steps that are performed:

Obtain a facility diagram in order to identify the potential radio frequency (RF) obstacles.
Visually inspect the facility to look for potential barriers or the propagation of RF signals and identify metal racks.

Identify user areas that are highly used and the ones that are not used.
Determine preliminary access point (AP) locations. These locations include the power and wired network access, cell coverage and overlap, channel selection, and mounting locations and antenna.
Perform the actual surveying in order to verify the AP location. Make sure to use the same AP model for the survey that is used in production. While the survey is performed, relocate APs as needed and re-test.
Document the findings. Record the locations and log of signal readings as well as data rates at outer boundaries.

Useful Links

Release notes for Cisco Aironet Access Points and Bridges for Cisco IOS Release 15.2(2)JA

Autonomous code download for 3600 series APs

Autonomous code download for 3500 series APs

Autonomous code download for 1550 series APs


Is this also true for the 1600 and 2600 AP's? They also support site survey mode?

Can I use the ap3g2-k9w7-tar.152-2.JB.tar Image as well?

Do you have a initial config for sitesurvey?



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