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7.4MR4 Beta Availability


7.4.131.x Available - 7.4MR4 Beta


April 29

Final build available (,  this is candidate content before release.

New open beta for future (7.4MR4) release

To request access, please write to, include your CCO username on the email.

Download at 74MR4Beta forum in upload server



For any new issue during this test, please write to, pre-existing problems would be directed through normal TAC support channels, the image is TAC supported until CCO release of final code


Image types

AS_5500* can be used for Wism2/2500/5500 controller types

AS_7500* can be used for 7500/8500

AS_CTVM can be used for vWLC



Issues fixed on this release

CSCuq86269DFS detection due to broadcom spurious emissions
CSCun95178    DOM CSS report on help page
CSCus21276Kernel Panic on WiSM2/5508/2504 in 8.0 when using Webauth
CSCus55004Kernel Panic with pre-auth ACL and external web-redirect
CSCut31679Kernel panic  -Unhandled kernel unaligned access
CSCup84060Radio interface down with rcore on 1130 and 1240 Aps
CSCuq42751WLC not sending all the Client attributes to PI
CSCut45950MARCH 2015 OpenSSL Vulnerabilities
CSCuq81885DHCP fails Flexconnect Local Switching MAC Filtering RADIUS VLAN assign
CSCun82797RTP downstream marked w/ UP0 after 7925/8861 roaming
CSCut650017500 HA crashed with task name emWeb
CSCui82573Double AID allocation in OKC Fast Roaming in FlexConnect 
CSCus38268Memory Leak on WiSM2 due to SNMPTask on 
CSCus42727JANUARY 2015 OpenSSL Vulnerabilities 
CSCus46861LIZRD attack : Denial of Service 
CSCur002888.0.100.0 client is shown with "ip address unknown" and "dhcp required" 
CSCur38682AP flexconnect - local switch/local auth sends deauth 802.1x on PSK wlan 
CSCup96353HA enabled Controller crash, Task: NFV9_Task 
CSCuq09859APs sending GARP and ARP requests aprox every 2 seconds. 
CSCuq19142LAP/WLC MIC lifetime expiration causes DTLS failure 
CSCuo44475AP info file has wrong ws_management_version value 
CSCuo70899traceback #APF-3-WLAN_OUT_OF_RANGE in HA 5500 standby controller 
CSCuj65131Jian Webauth failing POST reply after 9990-10k clients 
CSCul99510WGB client getting ip from different vlan
CSCui65222Flex-connect: VLAN-ACL at AP level does NOT work after HA - 7500 HA pair 
CSCui65893Unable to apply wIPS Profile from PI 1.4.1 as profile size limit is 12K 
CSCud89130AP crashes while making SIP call after IPv6 collapse
CSCui94634Flex AP disjoins after ACL push, CAPWAP processing hangs DTLS timeout 
CSCuo00381flexconnect group showing duplicate AP entry. 
CSCus69513wlc: Evaluation of glibc GHOST vulnerability - CVE-2015-0235
CSCud70102AP radio stays offchannel for >70 ms during RRM scan (fix broke ap1140)
CSCum21112AP701E displays incorrect PoE status in WLC

What’s New in This Release?

For old hardware, Cisco Lightweight Access Points and Cisco Wireless Controllers may fail to create CAPWAP/LWAPP connection due to certificate expiration. From this release, you may configure to allow AP with Manufactured Installed Certificates beyond their expiration date to associate with the WLC.


The AP lifetime-check parameter is enabled by default. After upgrading to the fixed software, we recommend that you disable the AP lifetime-check by entering this command:

(Controller) >config ap  cert-expiry-ignore {mic | ssc} enable
With the config ap  cert-expiry-ignore { mic | ssc } enable command in effect, the WLC ignores the expiration date on the APs' MICs and SSCs, allowing APs with certificates that are more than 10 years old to associate with the WLC. The AP lifetime-check must remain enabled as long as APs with expired MIC or SSC certificates are being managed by this WLC.

You can see the configuration state by entering this command:

(Controller)>show certificate summary
Web Administration Certificate................... 3rd Party
Web Authentication Certificate................... Locally Generated
Certificate compatibility mode:.................. off
Lifetime Check Ignore for MIC ................... Disable
Lifetime Check Ignore for SSC ................... Disable







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Thank you Javier for sharing critical information with Cisco customers and partners.



Vinay Sharma

Community Manager,


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