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7.6MR3 Beta Availability


7.6.122.x Available - 7.6MR3 Beta




Aug  26h

7.6MR3 ( is now posted in CCO.  Beta for this release is over, thanks!



For any new issue during this test, please write to, pre-existing problems would be directed through normal TAC support channels, the image is TAC supported until CCO release of final code


Image types

AS_5500* can be used for Wism2/2500/5500 controller types

AS_7500* can be used for 7500/8500

AS_CTVM can be used for vWLC


Issues fixed on this release


CSCup22590 Multiple Vulnerabilities in IOS/IOSd OpenSSL - June 2014 
CSCuo33271Jian crashed with DP watchdog on image
CSCum71927      Corfu: Handle all NF timeouts during hal reset
CSCui57980 WLC crash at task name 'aaaQueueReader' w/ 
CSCuo21355AP shows logs with 'Bad refcount in datagram_done' traceback
CSCup14580PR: Saber crash with envMonitorStatus missed software watchdog 
CSCup75604BGL-Alpha: 5500/WISM2 crashed with task name "spamApTask1" 
CSCun26383Memory corruption crashes in cac_parent_timer by rrm neigh tbl overwrite
CSCum26370Static TX power level changes to Max after AP reboot
CSCuq36902Memory Leak with Internal webauth in a loop for longer period
CSCuq16408WISM2 multiple crashes on 7.6MR3 - Bonjour_Msg_Task
CSCuq18025High CPU 99% on webauth Redirect Task
CSCuo691452504- Display new Dashboard after user login
CSCuo60383Ap3602 trying to contain its own RM3000AC module
CSCuo440483602 AP crashes in proc IPAM Manager
CSCup87612Memory corruption on OpenSSL,
CSCuq080157.6mr3-Beta - WLC crash : spamGetRadGroupName
CSCul31732FlexConnect Vlan mode was changed to Disabled after power cycle
CSCup55226apple client cannot authenticate on 1130 1240 running 7.6 code with FT
CSCup42789AP3602 with RM3000AC module not able to pass traffic
CSCup60494Gradual memory leak in 2048 byte chunks
CSCup40557HIGH CPU (98%) on webauthRedirect
CSCup44648PMIPv6 - Add sshpm Rules for PMIPv6 Control only when MAG enabled
CSCuo69578AP1532E/I bridge throughput is very low on 802.11n
CSCun15192Radio Reset: (SC2) sensord crash due to dot11 driver off-channel timeout
CSCui90116AP sends FT-auth original and retry packet to WLC causing MIC mismatch
CSCuo71809Clean Air: Stale Bluetooth Device Entries in down state in AP with WSSI
CSCul42704WIPS-Rogue APs are mistaken as infrastructure devices
CSCul16911CAPWAP causing APs to disassociate due to DTLS errors
CSCuo74061AP 1600 intermittent low throughput (<1-2mpbs)
CSCum66202FlexConnect: per-user ACL + WebAuth, success/logout page not displayed
CSCuo978833700 AP 5ghz clients stop forwarding traffic under load with Tkip
CSCuo84219Wi-Fi: AP1600 drops packets when a burst of A-MSDU data is received
CSCul04090Reaper Reset: Task "SNMPTask" missed software watchdog
CSCul38572CCKM roaming failing between a 7.0 WLC and a 7.4.
CSCul98577Wired Guest can leak traffic out WLC Management Interface
CSCun22507transfer run-config lacks WLAN and L2ACL configuration information
CSCun38541Conditional web redirect not working
CSCun69089Vocera Badges Broadcast stops working randomly
CSCuo23909Flexconnect Efficient Upgrade,702W MASTER AP showing as invalid AP model
CSCuo63046WLC crashes on task  spamApTask6
CSCul78198RAID Volume Status should show proper error codes instead of unknown.
CSCun48405AP sent Deauth to wlan client after channel chage by RRM DCA
CSCsz828784.2 Mesh controller crashing with Task Name: reaperWatcher
CSCui16915Darya IRCM:Guest tunneling broken with Katana as GC and Talwar as MC
CSCui37300mDNS: WLC uses as source IP for query/resp when use native VLAN
CSCui38822OC: GUI won't allow change of HA 2ndary controller to primary controller
CSCui56456RNG in Web Management Cookie is not cryptographically secure
CSCui94634Flex AP disjoins after ACL push, CAPWAP processing hangs DTLS timeout
CSCui95938fast Switching SSDi and IPAD Issue
CSCuj04921Xale: S4, Linksys 3x3 and Macbook Air clients not reach m8/m9 data rates
CSCuj05274WLC Crash - Reaper Reset: Task "loggerMainTask" missed software watchdog
CSCuj61455FlexConnect Clients are being Deauthenticated for an Unknown Reason
CSCul03672commands of backup-controller are lost after restoration on
CSCul15555FlexConnect AP decrypt errors after CCKM roam, phone stuck in DHCP req
CSCul91975WGB may disconnect permanently after max retry of 802.11 probe
CSCum00101AP 2600/3600 data tunnel stuck w/ dtls encryption enable
CSCum156291140 AP in Flexconnect Mode crash on due to auth timer in loop
CSCum53429AP1130 FlexConnect VLAN mapping corrupted after VLAN mapping change
CSCum63497vWLC 7.6 Service port on distributed switch breaks communication
CSCum67742Radius HTTP Profiling not working in latest pineridge build
CSCum71699flex ap BVI down on vlan mapping push
CSCum87504MFP Anomaly Detected messages continuously displayed
CSCun11124vWLC serial number changes when using DRS or Vmotion
CSCun23679WLC:protcol pack 6.3+ will  not DP crash file
CSCun34605Radius profiling failing for Windows XP and 7
CSCun52751AP802 as MAP not falling back from invalid static IP
CSCun62368Radius NAC Client auth issues for 7.6
CSCun66868WLC crash at snmpApCurrChanChangedTrapSend
CSCun859547.6 : 5508 HA crash with Task Name: rsyncmgrXferMain
CSCuo18300WLC: DNS based ACL feature is case sensitive and shouldn't be
CSCuo20803acl rule direction is changed from any to out during backup
CSCuo35247LAP unable to setup DTLS with WLC if packets arrive out of order
CSCuo37056Rogue client and adhoc rogue client containment failure in 7.6
CSCuo394161131/1242 not forwarding CWA redirects on 7.6
CSCuo62930unable to map ACL to wlan through GUI.
CSCuo63103Client local switching to central mode load, aaa override, radius nac
CSCuo68049Not able to set client RSSI shows positive value
CSCuo71252Express Setup Wizard,Country and Timezone set to US regardless of config
CSCuo73572Unable to add 8510/7510 Controller to Prime 2.1
CSCuo86478WLC Set Wrong DHCP Relay Agent for Layer-2 Roaming
CSCuo86819WLC crashes in - memory corruption caused by Webauth
CSCup03264Anchor WLC not appending client parameters for external webauth redirect
CSCup18354Japanese DBCS characters is garbled in internal Webauth login.html page
CSCup22587Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL - June 2014
CSCuj10329FlexConnect AP crash in dot1q_vlan_exists() after IP addr change
CSCuj62550Traceback observed when adding flex-ap to flex-group
CSCup24962AP2700 crashed during scale MC2UC longevity
CSCuo44310AP 3600 loses country code on reboot, joins Disabled
CSCup59660SYS-3-CPUHOG related traceback in 3600 AP




After code upgrade to 7.6.120 , two of our WLC's are crashing. Looks like CSCuo86819 is the cause for one of them.


I do not know for sure on second WLC.

Hesitant to go with beta even though it has a fix for CSCuo86819 because this bug was caused during one of the MR release!

When will this code be tested and be available to public?

Cisco Employee



Thanks for your feedback.

CSCuo86819 is already fixed in 7.6MR3, and included in the beta

The release will be in CCO in the coming weeks.




Can you tell me when this version might be released to CCO?

Cisco Employee


The CCO version for 7.6mr3 would be and expected to be released by end of this Month.




I noticed that 8.0 code has been released.  Is this the same as 7.6 MR3, or is this a different release?


Hall of Fame Master

That is a different code.  v7.6 MR3 should be out by the end of the month or first week of September.


Cisco Employee



no, 7.6MR3 is a maintenance release, just bug fixes,  8.0 is a new feature release, separated branches/release schedule will be posted soon



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