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8.0MR2 Beta Availability



8.0.115.x Available - 8.0MR2 Beta


July 8th


Final code now posted in CCO, thanks for your interest.


Issues fixed on this release 
CSCuq906323702 crashed with a traceback
CSCuu81895New 1572 out of box AP in local mode not starting CAPWAP process 
CSCuu370773600P limited channels/power similar to CSCus35411
CSCuu20683RAP might lose the Native VLAN configuration on downgrade from 8.1
CSCuu20256Traffic drop on WLCs with and PMIPv6
CSCut05252OEAP: Auth rejected because of challenge failure ReasonCode: 15
CSCut47761PMIPv6 Client crash with .1x auth when user name have colon ':'  
CSCus448311702 AP reports power error with 802.3af power source
CSCus252561130 Flexconnect APs sometimes lose bridge-group configuration
CSCuq97914PI 1.4 cannot finish auditing WLC
CSCus26067HA failing after upgrade to 8.0 due to gateway ARP source mac
CSCus72994WLC Crash on Task Name:DHCP Socket Task
CSCus94968osapiMalloc accepting negative size buffers
CSCut98741WLC Monitor page needs to support session timeout
CSCut14210Flexconnect arp-cache enabled - AP is not responding on behalf of client
CSCus30769BSSID containing itself and also adding itself to client exclusion list.
CSCuq86269DFS detection due to broadcom spurious emissions 
CSCus48787AP:Radio d1 reset: FW: vec=36 pc=10FC4, irq/mac stat=20000/80
CSCur53041DTLS connection failure.
CSCus39358Apple and Android not connecting to WPA2-AES on OEAP600 8.0.110
CSCus44802WLAN NAS-id is not applied when AP Group NAS-id is changed
CSCus06920preauth bit set in RSN IE when wlan is wpa2AES
CSCut96026SGT remains for client when moving between WLANs with Fast SSID change
CSCuq48218WLC cannot process multiple sub-attributes in single RADIUS VSA
CSCur45862AP's cannot discover wlc through option 43 on build 8.0.100
CSCuq09859APs sending GARP and ARP requests aprox every 2 seconds.
CSCuq48800Low throughput due to UAPSD for Intel 7260 WiFi chipset
CSCuo09947RADIUS AVP #44 (Acct-Session-ID) to be sent in RADIUS authen messages
CSCuq48218WLC cannot process multiple sub-attributes in single RADIUS VSA
CSCur45453web Gui 8500 new mobility support and SPG configuration to be blocked
CSCur56576WLC doesn't support 802.11a for Qatar
CSCur92472PMIPv6: Roaming WLC1->WLC2 don't work, wrong handoff indicator
CSCus31292Oct 2014 OpenSSL Vulnerabilities
CSCus85767Flex local switch clients, local dhcp are trying to do central dhcp
CSCut45950MARCH 2015 OpenSSL Vulnerabilitiess 
CSCus45806Enable CDP Spare pair TLV for 1570 and 1530 series access points
CSCur22714Ap3602 trying to contain its own RM3000AC module
CSCut261373702 - Voice Queue stuck, with no new clients able to associate.
CSCur37475wism2 system crash - at client stats AVL corruption
CSCus13594slow in getting the DHCP address in the AP2700
CSCur786971st Hop MAP CAPWAP Restart Due to race condition  when seeking RAP2
CSCur72287EAPOL Security error seen when 1st HOP MAP Roams  from RAP1 to RAP2
CSCus48452MAPs do not return to configured channel along with RAP 30 after DFS
CSCus49126AP3702 floods RTS frames @ 8000pps to departed client
CSCuq99230AP syslog fails due to default setting 'logging server-arp'
CSCus85337CAPWAP Restart &  Gteway not reachable when MAP roams From RAP1 to RAP2
CSCuq48043IPv6 forwarding halts; broadcast queue full
CSCur52246PMIPv6  GRE key databse gets full during scale testing
CSCur71427Flex: Client roaming fails "not processing DOT1X_4WAY_COMPLETED_AT_AP"
CSCur74954central auth + local switching : clients are in idle state always
CSCus80059WLC always send authen packet to aaa server even no any client in WLC
CSCut31679Kernel panic  -Unhandled kernel unaligned access 
CSCuq60042Memory leak on WLC when using PMIPv6 clients  pem_api.c
CSCuq63642Internal webpage appears after successful redirect to external webauth
CSCur002888.0.100.0 client is shown with "ip address unknown" and "dhcp required"
CSCur302988500 new mobility support for guest anchor and block spg config
CSCur50819BEAST Vulnerability not properly resolved in Cisco WLCs
CSCur67701Image download errors for CAPWAP 7500/8500
CSCus39461Radius DNS adds both Network and Management Auth + Acct = Enabled
CSCus46861LIZRD attack : Denial of Service
CSCus640731700/2700 APs native vlan field missing in Flex tab
CSCut07617Signal 11 crash at PMIPV6_Thread_1
CSCut26403AP1242 does not forward SIP INVITE when SIP-CAC is enabled 
CSCus876733700 AP 5ghz Radio Reset
CSCur888643600 APs with AC module shows 100% Rx utilization on slot-2.
CSCur23656Cisco IOS and IOSd in IOS-XE : evaluation of SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability
CSCuq19142LAP/WLC MIC lifetime expiration causes DTLS failure
CSCuq54548Anchor Memory Leak when Sleeping Client Feature is enabled
CSCuq74491WLC crashes due to Task Name: apfRogueTask_0
CSCur20154HA SSO pair memory leak
CSCur96221Standby WLC crash at haSSOServiceTask6
CSCus21276Kernel Panic on wism2 for 8.0MR1 beta
CSCus38268Memory Leak on WiSM2 due to SNMPTask on
CSCus42727JANUARY 2015 OpenSSL Vulnerabilities
CSCus55004WLC2504 8.0MR1: Kernel Panic with pre-auth ACL and external web-redirect


Community Member


Is there any intention for this release to have the various bug fixes from the current build integrated into it?

Also are there any plans to implement the fixes for DFS related issues that are fixed in the build into 8.0mr2, specifically:

CSCuq86252 / CSCuq86269



Cisco Employee

Hi Will


most of the fixes on will be integrated here, this first beta is "half way"  on the total bug count planned for the release. Not all is expected to move into MR2 

CSCuq86269 in particular, is still under evaluation  for 8.0 inclusion (there are some steps needed)





Hello Javier,

If it's a known bug, why wouldn't be integrated into MR2?! It doesn't make sense. All known bugs that have been resolved on the "Escalation" builds should be on MR2. That would avoid more TAC cases to be opened.


Cisco Employee

hi Gustavo


Things are more complex that just that. Escalation builds allow us quite a large freedom to handle what is included or not on them. CCO builds have a very strict commit procedure,  plus a time window for posting, so not all issues may be included until some requirements are met and timelines can be satisfied

Just to add more details: In this particular bug, as it is a DFS radio change, it has to pass compliance certification on each radio firmware version that it is included, so tests done for 7.4  (it is included already in upcoming, need to be totally re-done for 8.0, and they take 2 weeks.

I do a continuous evaluation on what goes into MR releases, and  we try as much as possible to  include fixes to lower any potential TAC cases. if a known issue is evaluated as pervasive and has a viable fix, we try to include it




Hello Javier,

I got your point. I didn't express myself clearly (I think). What I meant was that all known bugs that were fixed on "Escalation" builds for the same trail (read 8.0.110.x) should be commited to be on MR2. I know that the code may vary from trail to trail (read 7.6 to 8.0) and tests should be done.

Anyway, thanks for the information. I didn't know all these steps behind the process.

Best Regards

Community Member

It appears that most of the fixed bugs here are also fixed in 8.1; are you aware of any critical ones that didn't make it into the release?


Obviously 8.1 carries the risk of exciting new bugs.. but, well, shiny!  ;)

Rising star

Thank you Javier for sharing latest release 8.0.115.x availability - 8.0MR2 Beta with community user, appreciated +5 :-)

Cisco Employee

hi Nate


All of the critical needed fixes in 8.0 were carried over to 8.1 release



Community Member

Great, thanks!

I'll let bake for a week or so probably, and if all is well, start the rollout process for 8.1.  :)


Thanks for sharing the information and new releases!


Question about which release is recommended:

Is advisable over


For example I can't find

CSCus87673 - 3700 AP 5ghz Radio Reset

in the release notes for, while it is already in


Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

Hi Bart


8.0.110.x is 8.0MR1 Escalation branch, and as such, it follows a more aggressive bug commit process

Customers are advised to move to 8.0MR2 official release ( when it is available in CCO, unless they are explicitly affected by a bug fixed in escalation code


Until 8.0MR2 is in CCO, the recommendation would be to use either 8.0.110.x or 8.0.115.x (this beta), as both branches have the same 8.0 critical bugs fixed


For customers with special needs/bugs reported, we will continue to support 110.x esc then, 120.x esc for additional bug fixes, until 8.0MR3 ( future release is preparared


Community Member

Hi Javier,

Can you confirm for me whether the 3602i (-E reg domain) received any DFS changes in - it seems we are still getting stung with a large volume of DFS hits in a large public venue when there are lots of devices on the network.





Cisco Employee

hi Will


we included fix for 2600/3600 families on 8.0MR2, that should improve around 10-30% on the sites that due to RF conditions may generate DFS hits


There is a second fix we are working in, that should improve a lot the rate, please send me private message  and I can work with you on details about it




Any dates for when MR2 will post?  The last I heard was by the end of June.




I have tried to escalation but didn't work so I though I post in this..


Controller: 5508

AP: 1142 and 2702i


Regularity Domain: NZ


I have received couple of universal domain access points and to support this in current environment I have to upgrade current Airos to 8.0.110.x  or 8.0.115.x or


Almost all AirOS has the critical bug with the DDos attack.


I have following questions,


  • Which one is the best and stable software I can use for this environment. ?
  • Do I have to upgrade IOS on the AP to go with 8.1 AirOs?
  • is too new to upgrade


any suggestion which one is the best AirOs to upgrade will be appreciated.



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