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A wireless client cannot associate to the AP with WEP due to a mismatched WEP key


Core Issue

WEP key must match on the Access Point (AP) and on any wireless device which associates with the Access Point


To resolve this issue, check to make sure that the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key used to transmit data is set up exactly the same on the Cisco Access Point (AP) and on any wireless device with which it associates. To ensure that you have the same WEP key on both the Wireless devices, reconfigure the WEP key on the devices. To reconfigure the WEP key, you have to overwrite the existing WEP key.

For information on how to configure WEP and WEP features on the Access Point, refer to Configuring Cipher Suites and WEP. For information on how to configure WEP on Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g client adapter, refer to Enabling Static WEP section of the document.

Note: When WEP keys are configured on the AP and on the client, make sure they are entered in the same key slot.

Problem Type

Client / Device cannot authenticate

Associated but cannot pass any traffic

Device cannot associate


Workgroup bridges

Access point

WLAN adapters (wireless card) / ACU (Aironet Client Utility)

Security Options

WEP key


Wireless client to AP

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