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After an upgrade to any 12.3-based image, a non-root bridge cannot re-associate to the root bridge when it reboots


Core Issue

This problem occurs for bridge links which are more than one kilometer and have the distance command configured, as shown:

bridge(config-if)# distance 10

These are the affected bridge and Access Point (AP) platforms:

  • BR 1310 and BR1410 running 12.3(2)JAx, 12.3(7)JAx (x<_3 _="_" _12.38ja="_12.38ja" and="and" imagesbr="imagesbr">
  • AP 1200 series, AP 1230 AG series and AP 1240 AG series running the 12.3(7)JAx (x<_3 _="_" _12.38ja="_12.38ja" and="and" imagesbr="imagesbr">


This problem is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsc60665.

As a workaround, toggle the station role of the non-root bridge radio to root and then back to non-root . This may restore connectivity. This is an example:

bridge(config-if)#station-role root bridge
bridge(config-if)#station-role non-root bridge

If the bridge stays powered up, the connection is stable (-64 and -62 ).

This problem is fixed in 12.3(7)JA3 and 12.3(8)JA1images.

For information about the mounting procedure, refer to the Aligning the Bridge Antenna using RSSI LED Indications section of Mounting and Alignment Overview.

For the latest Cisco IOS  downloads, refer to Cisco IOS Software.

For related information, refer to Release Notes for Cisco Aironet Access Points for Cisco IOS Release 12.3(8)JA.

To download the Cisco IOS Software for both bridges, refer to Software Center Downloads.

Problem Type

Device cannot associate



AP 1200

BR 1400

BR 1300

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