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Cannot console, telnet, or browse into the Bridge


Core Issue

You may not be able to console, telnet, or browse to bridge for management of the device due to problems with the following:

  • Basic Connectivity Issues    
    • Console Connection
    • IP Address Assignment
    • Cable
    • Radio Interference
  • Client Adapter
  • Access Points
  • Bridge


Perform the following

1. Reset the bridge and try again

2. Check the ip address and cabling issues of the Bridge.  Refer  Connectivity Problems AP to Wired LAN for  more information.

3. In case of telnet check the network connectivity from the PC you configure. Ping the default gateway, network to which the access point and finally the access point and isolate the network connectivity issues.

4. If you configure from the wireless PC check the wireless connectivity issues. Refer Troubleshooting Autonomous Access Points

5. Try to use a different browser in case of web page access.

Refer to the following manuals for information on correctly installing and configuring Bridges:

For more information on troubleshooting these items, refer to the Basic Connectivity Issues document.

If you are having problems with an IP-based management connection (telnet or browser) the bridge will, by default, try to get an address via DHCP. If it can't, the address for the bridge will be until a different one is assigned manually or the DHCP issue is resolved.

Problem Type

Cannot console or telnet or GUI into a device



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