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Cisco Access Point (AP) IOS update using Cisco 5500 Wireless LAN Controller WLC



Scenario:- 50 AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9 AP running IOS version 12.4(18a)JA managed with Cisco 5508 WLC version What would be the best way to perform the IOS update on all Access Point? WLC GUI or traditional tftp server ?


Upgrade the WLC only. The WLC will distribute the new AP firmware's at a time the AP re registers back on the controller.

More informaiton:-

The WLC software comes already loaded with AP software's. So to get the latest IOS for APs, download the latest WLC software. It's the whole point : all your AP's will run the same version with the WLC to control them.

Q.     So do we have choose which IOS version to install on my AP through controller?

A.    Upgrade the firmware and the bootstrap of the WLC and the WLC will distribute the AP IOS all in one "hit" (e.g. in case of 5508).


In firmware version 7.X, there's a new feature where you the WLC is loaded with the 7.0.X code.  If, for example, we can upgrade WLC to the next code higher than then don't need to reboot the WLC (yet). We can command the WLC to pre-download the APs new IOS.  Another feature in the is the ability to schedule the WLC for a reboot.

Q.     How to find out which IOS version is deployed with the WLC software on AP's?

A.     We can check what versions the LWAAPs are running and what version they are upgrading to (if any) by using the WLC GUI:

WIRELESS > Access Points > All AP's

Then look under the "Versions" tab


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