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Cisco PI Error - Pre collection check failed, Device Reachable but Unmanaged state





    Error - Pre collection check failed, Device Reachable but Unmanaged state on Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

    Scenario 1

    User running Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 with 100 Eval LifeCycle license installed. Discovery for WLC worked fine and all controllers were discovered.

    But when tried to discover a Switch, the reachability tab says Reachable but the Status tab shows Unmanaged.

    When clicked the Unmanaged tab it says " Pre-collection check failed because:"

    The SNMP is configured correctly. User put a sniffer and could see 3 SNMP request and 3 SNMP replies.




    The licence count for 100 devices (Eval Limit) was consumed as soon as WLC is added. On PI page https://<server-name>/webacs/ look at how many are taken and if it is in violation.

    When upgraded to 500 pack it still didn't fix the issue after re-syncing. We had to remove the device and re-add.

    Scenario 2

    User running PI and has a 100 Eval LifeCycle license installed. He had 137 devices managed in routers and switches. About 24 devices are shown as Reachable but Unmanaged and still show that way after a Sync. Confirmed the proper SSH and SNMP credentials were specified.

    Enabled traces and capture logs to troubleshoot.

    2013-03-XX 11:XX:24,70X [http-XXX-31] INFO inventory - The device 24XXXX04 with IP

    XX.X.XX.XX is in UNMANAGED state.

    2013-03-XX 11:XX:24,70X [http-XXX-31] INFO inventory - The device 24XXXX04 received for

    collection is in unmanaged or maintenance state

    2013-03-XX 11:XX:50,35X [ICE Service[ 1]Thread: 14] INFO inventory - XX.X.XX.XX

    24XXXX04 (IP: XX.X.XX.XX) will not have its features collected due to Precollection check failed

    because: All licenses (100) consumed, need to add more licenses


    Since we were over the device limit, tried deleting a few switches until we had enough available devices. Add the switch back and it came managed without a problem. Therefore, the issue was caused by the license limit being reached.


    Cisco Prime Infrastructure Configuration Guide, Release 1.3

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    Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Quick Start Guide

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