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Cisco Wireless Mobile App


As of August 2020, the Cisco Wireless Mobile App is no longer supported and no longer available.

If using the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst Access Points (EWC-AP), you can use the Cisco Catalyst Wireless Mobile Application to provision and manage your network.  Thank you for using the Cisco Wireless Mobile App.

Cisco Employee


    You should get an alert to accept certificate. Once you do that, you can manage the ME using the app 

Cisco Employee


We've just posted an update to the Cisco Wireless mobile app. There has been some minor fixes. Main change has been Japanese language support. Once you change your phone's language to Japanese, Cisco Wireless screens will also display in Japanese.

Note that when in Japanese mode, there will still be some items on the screen that will be in English. The reason for that is that some items are coming from the controller which still doesn't support multiple languages.

On top of the usual iPhone, Nexus devices, we specifically tested against Sony Experia Z3 since its a popular Android phone in Japan.

Let us know any feedback or if you run into any issues !


Does the WLC need any special configuration to allow the app?

I have two 2504 WLCs

v8.1.122.0 v8.1.102.0

I get the certificate warning on both but only one works when I click on accept.

The other one gets an error "Alert: Error in connection. Please try again later"

Login works on my notebook and I can also ping the WLC from my phone.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee


have you enabled 'Management via Wireless' on both controllers?

Do you have any specific ACLs on the management virtual interface?



Hi Brian,

thanks that did the trick, I enabled the management via wireless box on both WLCs.
Strange thing is, on one of the controllers the box wasn´t enabled and the access via App worked anyway.

Thanks again.



When the box for 'Management Via Wireless" is not checked it only blocks users connected via wireless that are anchored to the same controller.  So, if you are an anchored wireless user to WLC1 you will be considered a wired user to WLC2 as far as management is concerned. 

John M

Community Member

I was using Cisco wireless mobile app but recently I have changed my mobile phone. The new mobile has several problems with the app store. I want Cisco app on my new Phone, Can u please place this app on Tutuapp VIP store so that I can download and use it?


The app shows only a total quantity of clients. Can app show the client's state? 


(Cisco Controller) >show client state summary
Client State Summary

State Number of Clients
----- -----------------
RUN 190
----- -----------------
Total 359


I'm using the Android app to monitor a Mobility Express system. This worked fine with all ME versions up to

After updating ME to the app won't connect anymore. Error message: "Please enter valid credentials."

The credentials are correct and still work on the ME web interface. The app is the latest version (1.3.320). Is this a known issue?





relatively frequently I use this app for quick troubleshootings. It’s cool to find the AP, which is connected with Them. 

Also to locate the AP with visualization (LED Flashing).


now for the 9800 controllers Series it is not supported? an idea when will get available?



In order to log into the older Cisco Wireless app we simply put in the IP of the controller, username, & password.  This newer Catalyst Wireless app is asking for "site".  What do we input for site?


We are running 5520's  w/software  Will the app work?


I loved the Cisco Wireless Mobile App, so sad to see it go!  It was great to see what AP you were connected to and be able to flash the LED.  Is there any chance of bringing back an app just to do those two functions?

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