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Community Live FAQ - Deep Dive on Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.2.1r Single Image and PnP Flexibility for Enterprise Routing Platforms


This event had place on Thursday 11, June 2020 at 10hrs PDT


In this session, the Cisco expert covered single image orchestration changes with the Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.2.1r for Cisco IOS XE and Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN use cases. During this session, you will learn about single image modes of operation, ease of device onboarding with Plug-and-Play (PnP), and bootstrap workflows using single image.

Featured Expert

sm-blogger.pngSumant Mali is a Technical Marketing Engineer in Cisco’s IBNG Routing Platform TME team. He has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry and is a passionate network enthusiast. Sumant has deep experience on the Quality Assurance Engineering Thrilling Escalation Handling Experience, experience that has shaped him to the expert he is today.

You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here.

Live Questions

Q: Does switch port support uplink the mac-sec link?

A: Not presently. Road-mapped for 17.4 Nov release.

Q: Will the older 16.10/16.12 IOS XE SD-WAN (stand-alone) images be maintained for a specific amount of time going forward? Will these stand-alone code branches receive maintenance SW releases going forward or will they be EoL'd now with a single image?

A: We will maintain these for a while.

Q: Will there be any options to go back to perpetual licensing on 17 or will we still need to use the smart licensing?

A: Smart licensing is mandatory staring 16.9 or 16.10, and we have no plans to go back. This is mandatory starting 16.10 release onwards.

Q: There will be no controller mode in unified NPE image, right?

A: Since its unified image, it will hv controller mode. IOS XE SD-WAN mode is not supported with NPE, NOLI, NPE_NOLI image types; these images are not impacted with Single Image orchestration.

Q: What inbuilt security features are made available on 4Ks IOS XE SDWAN image?

A: The entire security stack is supported on SD-WAN with ISR 4K. FW App Aware, IPS, URL-F, AMP&TG, DNS/web Layer security. With a single image, we have brought it TLS decryption as well.

Q: Do licenses cater to both Autonomous and Controller modes?

A: Yes, the DNA SKU will be able to use for either IOS XE or IOS XE SD-WAN use-case for a given platform. Please refer to DNA licensing guide for more details.

Q: NPE image doesn't include crypto by definition -> SD-WAN won't work. So, if there will be a controller mode in NPE image, will it be useless?

A: XE SD-WAN mode is not supported with NPE, NOLI, NPE_NOLI image types; these images are not impacted with Single Image orchestration.

Q: I had issues in the past using ZBF on typical interface modules (NIM - e1/t1). What should I do?

A: So long as the interface has a valid IP address Zone-Based Firewall should work. Please, open a TAC case if the issue persists, and we will find the underlying cause of it.

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