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Configuration Guidelines to setup APPLE TV with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)






Configuration Guidelines to setup APPLE TV with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)



Apple TV uses multicast application to communicate between the apple  products and needs multicast to be enabled on the wired and wireless.


Here is the guidelines to get the Apple TV working with the Cisco WLC.


Its a 2 step process


1>> Configure Multicast on the WLC


2>> Configure Wired network to support Multicast.






>> Cisco WLC supports Multicast in 2 modes, use either one of them--- Preferred Multicast-Multicast mode


1> Multicast


Multicast mode requires Multicast group IP address to be configure  and this IP address should be a multicast IP and is used only to  communicate between the WLC and the AP and nothing else.


2> Unicast


Unicast is kind of obsolete and its just a broadcast and no extra  configs are need to be done apart from enabling this mode on the WLC.


>> After the Multicast mode, DON'T FORGET to enable GLOBAL MULTICAST and the IGMP Snooping on the WLC





>> Global multicast routing on the router along with PIM under  the client VLAN, The WLC management VLAN, AP manager VLAN, AP Vlan.


This will do the Job..


Example config using Multicast-Multicast Mode






6500 Core Switch ------------ WISM ---------- AP )))) (((((( Wireless Client using Apple TV


                                                                   ))))) ((((((( Wireless Client Using Apple TV


VLANs Used


VLAN 40 -- WLC Management, AP manager and AP Vlan


VLAN 50 -- Client VLAN.


Configs on the router for Multicast routing and the PIM



Enable Multicast routing


6504-WLCBUG#sh run | i mul
ip multicast-routing


Enable PIM on Client VLAN, AP VLAN, WLC management VLAN and the AP MANAGER VLAN

Current configuration : 121 bytes
interface Vlan40
description // Management Vlan //
ip address
ip pim dense-mode


6504-WLCBUG#sh run int vlan 50
Building configuration...


Current configuration : 119 bytes
interface Vlan50
description // Client VLAN //
ip address
ip pim dense-mode


Configs on the WLC for Multicast support



>> Configure Multicast-Multicast mode and specify the Multicast Group Address






>> Enable Multicast Global and IGMP snooping






Check the APPLE TV app on the IPAD, this will not be grayed out like before and works just fine!!

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

Thanks for posting this Surendra.  Great reference!

Surendra BG
Cisco Employee

Thanks Scott!!

Leo L
VIP Community Legend

Cool!  +5


Thank you for the article!

It is really great, but didn't help me.

I have WLC installed on ISM-SRE-300 module.

WLC and 2911 router are configured according to this article. Vlan 1 and vlan 50 (for clients) are hosted on 2911 router.

Apple TV server and iPad are situated in one L3 segment, Ipad can ping Apple TV

What else can we do?


Is this guide based on a FlexConnect (H-REAP) deployment guide or local mode?

The reason I pose this question is we're running into some interesting issues with a FlexConnect deployment in which Bonjour works for about 10 minutes and then times out. It's my understanding that if a Bonjour device doesn't respond it will stop broadcasting it's information to conserve network traffic until it "hears" a Bonjour "query". The issue we're having is the Bonjour devices don't seem to either be recieving or responding to the "query".

We've done all that you reccomend and we're running into a discovery problem.

Our next step is likely going to be to follow Cisco's technotes of deploying a Bonjour gateway on an ubuntu server unless you've found better alternatives.


I have Apple TV's on my Cisco wireless network and am able to see them with the iPads if the iPads are on the same subnet as the Apple TV but not if the iPads are on a different subnet. I would like the iPads that are on a different subnet to see the Apple TV's that are on the other subnet as well. Is this possible? Please help.Thanks.




Rumor has it Cisco is going to put a bonjour gateway into their WLC in an upcoming release. I haven't had the opportunity to verify whether or not it's in 7.3.101 (released today). If it is I overlooked it in the release notes.

Once they do that things are going to be working much better.

However, for your particular issue you'll want to post this in the support forums, perhaps on a new thread if you cannot find other posts that sound like your depolyment. 





Thanks for the update on that. A bonjour gateway would be incredible. However, in the meantime I found this:


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