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controller 5500


i want to ask about wireless controller 5500  if :

1- It support roaming between APs ?

2- It support traffic load balance between APs  ?

 Ex :   two AP   AP1, AP2 with the same SSID and Password connected to wireless controller . the two AP lie at the same area only 10 meter between them so , any users can see both of them  . there are many user connected to the two AP but AP1 handle traffic more than AP2 . if new user come and his location near to AP1 , can controller make him connect to AP2 because it handle less traffic even if power of AP1 more than AP2 .

Note : i know that controller can force AP to refuse new user depand on Max user i configure but in my case i want controller force APs to refuse user depand on comparison between APs traffic they handle .

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