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Converged Access - 3.3.4 Beta Available


Download link

On 8-15-2014, interim build 3.14.30EZP was posted at

under Forum: Unified Access EFT



For any new issues while testing this code, please report to



ct5760* is for 5760 wireless controller

cat3k* is for Catalyst 3850 and 3650 converged access switches


Issues fixed on this Release


Bug IdBug Headline
CSCum91301IPDT: Standby crashes due to host table corruption
CSCuo47903No CWA redirect for client in case it roamed in webauth-reqd state
CSCuo14901Crash/High CPU when enabling nbar for Flexible Netflow
CSCuo26294WS-X45-SUP7-E crash with Process ffm: terminated abnormally
CSCuo385105760 WCM crash: Failed to send a msg to the msg queue object: SPAM-AP-Q
CSCuo43827Guest portal does not load on foreign controller
CSCuc21859Memory leak seen due to ESM ( Embedded Syslog manager  )
CSCuo48068C5760 AP SSO 2nd controller keeps crashing
CSCug51974eEdge:Authen Failed page not thrown on Webauth with concurrent MAB login
CSCuo52701slproc crash on 3850 switch stack
CSCuo550223850 hosts not getting DHCP addresses when Port-security is enabled
CSCuo63153AP HA switchover Primary/secondary does not work on 3.3.3
CSCuo63950WCM crash on customer production network
CSCui69119IPDT: rejected channel conf&Standby failed to boot up
CSCuo81145Client stuck in \"Idle\" on 5760 running 3.3.2SE
CSCul43158Random mobile disassociation with PEM unknown timeout
CSCuo847703850/3.3.2SE/Not forwarding double dot1Q tagged packets
CSCuo86406 -D regulatory domain not supported with India (IN) country code in NGWC
CSCuo91792IPDT:Wired stale entries learned via ARP not clearing out
CSCuo98789ARP broadcast for vlan which is not SVI punted to CPU incase of Layer 2
CSCuo98816Alpha: Delete Payload not sent to previous AP when roaming to new AP
CSCup04121Redirection loop when WCCP \"OUT\"  enabled on SVI on Cat-3850
CSCup09246Catalyst3850 NetFlow export invalid packet
CSCum66082IRCM:Client able to pass traffic in CWA_RE
CSCup163255760 iosd stack crash
CSCup43034WCM crash running 03.03.03
CSCup533383850 IOSD crash | Signal=SIGSEGV(11) @ pm_port_data_from_swidb
CSCup600787921/7925 phone not able to place call after failover
CSCup63909Roaming fails when Anchored phone roams back from foreign.
CSCup73590WCM crash in Mobility code.
CSCup76790FNF flow doesn't age out after 50 days
CSCup76944HSRP dual Active at 3850 after port-channel down/up
CSCun39810Iosd Crash due to snmpProxy
CSCup92246NG3K: Default deny SGACL policy dropping management traffic
CSCup92808No CWA redirect for client in case it roamed in webauth-reqd state
CSCun68485Router ACL (RACL) on SVI in output direction applied to bridged traffic
CSCun78227Incorrect temperature thresholds reported via SNMP
CSCun92928Must reboot controller for HotSpot WLAN to advertise IW IE; AP crashes
CSCun977653850/03.03.02SE/Unable to disable IPDT
CSCuq20970Default multicast / broadcast forwarding mode cause latency
CSCuq25195Adjust AFD for every client and BSSID add/del.
CSCuo46878Incomplete arp issue seen as incorrect bridging for arp packet w IPDT
CSCuo117893850 IOSD crash at hashtable_get_nth_entry
CSCuc12774FA1 routes unicast flood traffic back out FA1
CSCue82353Need a cli to display stack speed and duplex configuration on Edison
CSCug65488Traceback on reloading master at entity_api_private.c:642
CSCug67634%SM-4-BADEVENT traceback upon stack boot up caused by EC.
CSCuh14797Client not autenticating due to wrong mobility peer detail in Anchor
CSCuh47950Routing Protocol packets cause unknown protocol drops in L2 only vlan
CSCuh88726SNMP High CPU when polling lldpXMedLocMediaPolicyEntry
CSCui750643850 Power command not functional under global config
CSCuj17317XE: Certain snagless cables may press on the mode button causing reload
CSCuq02810STP check bypassed for data traffic sent to switch mac address
CSCuo47485Wrapper API in generated code to find the CMI/SPI IOSd application leaks
CSCup05630Changing Aging timer does not change timer on Active/Local switch
CSCul96802Max User Session not working with NGWC
CSCup08164multicast traffic not leaving 3850 after ACL was applied on SVI int
CSCup08994Change the AVC cumulative usage counters to uint64 in display/output
CSCum58531FED Traceback from al_rrm_commit_replication_entry
CSCum800395760 HA Sync Fail with blank space/special character in user-name config
CSCum963723850 returns false for cswRingRedundant with provisioned switch
CSCun05898mac aging time reset to default 300 on switch reload
CSCun062003850: CoA sess terminate from ISE live sessions failing for wireless EP
CSCun12965Lightweight AP should not send jumbo frame by default
CSCun25588SSTE: Amur: PLATFORM_MGR-1-PLATMGR_INIT_FAIL: Platform Manager:
CSCun59702H/W version output changes upon upgrade
CSCun60023enable autonegotation and poe detection when speed and duplex is fixed
CSCun63678mDNS services triggers High CPU
CSCun70919Unbalanced power issue after OIR a member ON 3850 stack.
CSCun82902ARP packet forwarded although the ports have \"switchport protected'
CSCun89248C3850 stack does not filter broadcast traffic on the flexlink
CSCun94551apfLbsChangeTree AVL Tree getting full
CSCuo00707cswRingRedundant returns incorrect value
CSCuo029955760 WLC is sending only device certificate.
CSCup101553850 ACL is dropping flows matching an \"established\" acl entry
CSCuo68044Cat3850 stop forwarding packet via SPAN
CSCuo71505WGB Wired client doesn't go into RUN state in export anchor scenario
CSCup24700Switch reloaded on \"mac address-table static mac vlan int\" cmd
CSCuo44310AP 3600 loses country code on reboot, joins Disabled
CSCuo77295Secondary WLC5760 crashed during reverting back from Primary
CSCuo445155760 crash with mac filtering and RADIUS
CSCuo42374WCCP redirection not working with stack
CSCup72845mac filtering & AAA override with NGWC doesn't update interface name
CSCuo45359NGWC CoA Session termination does not delete session id from authmgr
CSCup74747NGWC 3850 & 5760 - NAS-Port-Type Missing In Accounting Request
CSCuo886041k AP join takes 1 hour
CSCuo150543rd party Wireless AP (Onity) not detected by Cat3850
CSCuo55427IP theft msg should add old/new IP for which IP-theft is being notified
CSCuo589325760: WGB wired clients unable to pass traffic with mobility configured
CSCuo83872Power Controller reports Short detected when non PoE device connected


I am running two 5760 controllers in N+1 mode using 3.3.3 code and we had an issue when we tried to failover the APs to the Secondary HA SKU controller. I am assuming that we are hitting bug CSCuo63153. Can I get this 3.3.4 Beta release or can you tell me when the final 3.3.4 code will be available as my customer is beating me up over this problem as they currently have no resilience for their wireless network.