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Deauthenticating [hostname][host MAC address], reason Not Authenticated log message appears on the Access Point or bridge


Core Issue

This error message indicates that the client is not able to authenticate to the Access Point (AP) or bridge successfully. These are among the reasons:

  • RF interference
  • Configuration Issues
  • Antenna Alignment Issues


To resolve issues with radio frequency interference between the client and the AP, refer to the Radio Frequency Interference section of the document Intermittent Connectivity Issues in Wireless Bridges.

This message can also indicate an authentication failure due to incorrect configuration. If there is a mismatch in the authentication parameters on the AP and the client, the authentication fails. Check if the authentication parameters are configured correctly on the AP and the client. For more information on configuring authentication types on AP, refer to Configuring Authentication Types.

For information on configuring authentication parameters on the client adapter, refer to the Setting Security Parameters section of the document.

Antenna alignment directly relates to the proper LoS between the two bridges. If the antenna is not properly aligned, the RF signals cannot reach the endpoints and authentication fails. Always ensure that the antennas are properly aligned.

For more information on antenna alignment, refer to Problems with Antenna Alignment section of the Intermittent Connectivity Issues in Wireless Bridges.

Always ensure that you have the latest firmware and drivers loaded on the AP and the client card. You can download the latest drivers and Cisco IOS  from the Wireless Dowloads section.

Problem Type

Client / Device cannot authenticate

Error message


Access point


VxWorks Errors, Warnings, Statistics and Log Messages

Deauthenticating [hostname][MAC address], reason Not Authenticated