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FlexConnect (H-REAP) and Auto-Anchor functionality - WLC 5508






FlexConnect (H-REAP) and Auto-Anchor functionality - WLC 5508






We have an H-REAP (FlexConnect) requirement for branch offices and also there is the requirement for guest access at the same time. Is it true that those features (FlexConnect and Auto-Anchor) should work together. Please refer to the following Network Diagram:-






There is a FlexConnect AP at one branch office. The traffic from internal users (SSID "Internal") should be switches locally at the LAP (Lightweight Access Point). At the same time the guest SSID (SSID "Guest") should be tunneled back via CAPWAP to the controller to which the LAP is associated ("Central Controller"). The guest traffic should not emerge (switched) at the "Central Controller", instead it should be tunneled to an anchor controller in a DMZ via an "Ethernet Over IP tunnel" (Auto-Anchor functionality).




  1. Does this work (FlexConnect in conjunction with Auto-Anchor functionality)?
  2. If this works, where's the web portal for guest authentication hosted (if using the internal web auth on WLC)? On the "central controller" or the Anchor controller? (I guess at the Anchor Controller in the DMZ, right?)
  3. Is it possible to leave the guest SSID "open" with no webauth and still using the Anchor Controller? This would be needed if I have an external web authentication service, which would be hosted by a provider.





The above statement is in fact correct. 


Your guest traffic will be sent back to the flexconnect wlc or wlc and then you would anchor that SSID to the dmz SSID.  The anchor wlc in the dmz will host the webauth, passthrough splash page. This would be the same if you just wanted open auth. Anchoring works either way.  Make sure these ports are open between the anchor and remote wireless LAN controller: UDP 16666 or IP 97






The anchor controller can be licensed with the smallest AP count, right? So a 5508 with 12 AP support should do the job. There are no APs associated at the anchor controller





Yes that is what you want.... WLC5508-12.






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