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How many Clients per AP(Cisco1142N)


according your experience, A AP can handle how many clients?

In my environment, client will be disconnect when client number reach 20. Is it normal?


According to my experience , 20 number is ok for an AP.AP can handle much more than the number of client.

In real enviroments i saw many APs have 60-70 clients connected on it.

Critical question is what do that people do in that type of connection density ? 60-70 people making only their Exchange connections or running little apps thats no problem.But the problem starts when that amount of people making simultenously surfing on the Web.

In my best practice , i am trying not to surpass the number of 20-25 clients.Some high density areas like lounges , theatres etc. i am positioning more than one AP.Because that type of areas doesnt have coverage problems.So little guess on simultenous connections divided by the 25  is mostly optimum solution.

Mostly the problem is not the client count nor the bandwidth , just utilisation of the AP.Mention about CPU / RAM utilisation cause of Wi-Fi overhead and encryption mechanisms.

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