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How to backup MSE database


MSE only supports data backup from Cisco PRIME/NCS.

If  mse is down and after troubleshooting there is no way to get it back  then you lost the data,  no way around it.

Also this is  not Cisco official process  but I have seen clients recovering from  VM snapshots pretty well. Understanding VM snapshots <>

The MSE backup file format is "lsbackup"   for those asking if there is a way to back up from the MSE itself answer is no.


MSE backup to external FTP ( external so you dont consume PI disk):

access  PI via SSH and point the backup to an external FTP server, note that from 7.5 and higher ( you should be on or higher )  you can send the MSE backup file out to an external server so you don't use PRIME hard disk for this.

Prime-1/admin# conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

Prime-1/admin(config)# repository <give a name to the server>

Prime-1/admin(config)# repository ftp-external-server

Prime-1/admin(config-Repository)# url 

  cdrom:  Local CD-ROM drive (read only)
  disk:   Local hard disk storage
  ftp:    URL using a FTP server
  http:   URL using a HTTP server (read only)
  https:  URL using a HTTPS server (read only)
  nfs:    URL using a NFS server
  sftp:   URL using a SFTP server
  tftp:   URL using a TFTP server

**I used FTP for this sample:**

Prime/admin(config-Repository)# url


**enter the ftp username and password:**

Prime/admin(config-Repository)# user <username> password plain <ftp_password>
Prime/admin(config-Repository)# exit


go back to  PRIME GUI>  Services tab> click on the MSE you want to run the backup for> look for backup > click on Backup Repository and select the FTP server you just configure > hit Submit 

Devices used for this document:

MSE 8.0.X

PI 2.2.X


Felix Arrieta













Darren Cooper

Great post, thaks.

I use an NFS server as my main Prime repository, but I don't see it as a choice to perform this backup, is this normal?

PI config:

repository NFS
  url nfs://192.168.X.X:/var/backup/primenfs/eldprime2/storage
repository defaultRepo
  url disk:/defaultRepo
repository hopper2_ftp
  url ftp://192.168.X.X/
  user prime password hash xxxxxxxx
repository localftp
  url disk:/ftp



I want to back up my MSE but I want to use SFTP how can do this the only option I see is FTP any help would be great. Also I have Prime 3.7 and a repository already setup.


Thanks in Advance


Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru
If the option or support is not there, then you will have to setup a new repository for FTP. Setting up a new repository is very simple. If sftp is not supported you have no choice than to use ftp.

Scott Fella

Thank you but using FTP is not an option in an earlier post from Felix Arrieta said that MSE VM could use snap shots that may be the way I go until we upgrade to CMX which uses SCP.



Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru
Snapshots might not be recommended for backup. It’s something you need to research and or ask Tac if they support that.
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