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How to configure WDS


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Wireless Domain Services (WDS) is a feature in Cisco IOS  Software. WDS is a core functionality that enables other features such as Fast Secure Roaming, Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) interaction, and Radio Management. Relationships between the Access Points (APs) that participate in WDS must be established before any of these other WDS-based features can work. One of the primary purposes for WDS is to eliminate the need to have the authentication server validate user credentials every time. This reduces the time required for client authentications.


When configuring WDS on the network, APs on the wireless LAN use the WDS device (either an AP or a switch configured as the WDS device) to provide fast, secure roaming for client devices and to participate in radio management. If you use a switch as the WDS device, the switch must be equipped with a Wireless LAN Services Module (WLSM). An AP configured as the WDS device supports up to 60 participating APs. A WLSM-equipped switch supports up to 300 participating APs.

For more information on configuring WDS, refer to these documents:

For common WDS questions, refer to Wireless Domain Services FAQ.

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