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How to duplicate the configuration of ACU profiles of one client to all other Wireless clients



The Cisco Aironet Configuration Administration Tool (ACAT) enables the import of existing configuration profiles and the creation of new profiles. There are two ways to copy the Aironet Client Utility (ACU) profiles for a client card with the ACAT tool. The ACAT File menu contains these two profile options:

  • Create/Manage Profile: This option allows for the addition, deletion, and renaming of profile names. When profile names are defined, the ACAT Profile Settings tab can be used to configure each of the profiles.  

  • Load from Registry: This option imports or loads existing profiles from the PC registry into the ACAT configuration file.  


For more information on profile settings, refer to Profile Settings Tab.

The ACU allows for the creation and verification of profiles prior to distribution to other users. The profiles created with the ACU are stored in the PC registry. When the profiles are correct and operational, use the ACAT Load from Registry option to import the profiles for a specific client adapter type into the ACAT configuration file.

Note: Profiles are stored in the part of the registry reserved for the client adapter driver, and are tied to a specific radio type. If the profiles for a 340 series PC card are set up, and the client adapter is later upgraded to a 350 series PC card, all of the profiles are not usable for the new client adapter.

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ACU (Aironet Client Utility)

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