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Installing patches on NCS and Prime Infrastructure Appliances





One way to install patches on Cisco NCS and Prime Infrastructure appliances



1)  From your PC launch a CMD Prompt

2)  CD to the directory where the patch is installed

3)  ftp (this is the IP address of the NCS/PI server)

4)  login as ftp-user

5)  enter the password created during the install of NCS/PI for the ftp user account (if you don't know it, you can change it by entering

ncs password ftpuser ftp-user password <enter password>

6)  type bin then press return

7)  type hash then press return

  type put <name of patch file>

9)  login to the CLI of the NCS/PI server as an admin user

10) type dir disk:ftp and you’ll see the file stored in the /localdisk/ftp directory on the disk

11) if you don’t have a repo pointing to disk:ftp then create one using

     a) config t

     b) repository localftp

     c) url disk:/ftp

     d) exit

12) type ncs stop

13) type patch install <patch name> localftp


Note: if a PC firewall is enabled, you may need to disable it in order to get the file transfer to work


Additional Information

Installation Guidelines


Caution          You cannot uninstall or remove this patch.


Note•It is important to back up your system before applying this patch. Store the backup in an external repository. This will help you to revert to the original Prime Infrastructure state. To revert to original Prime Infrastructure state, follow these steps:


–Reinstall Prime Infrastructure from an OVA or ISO distribution.

–Restore data from the backup that you made before applying the patch.


•Before you begin, remove any existing High Availability configuration from your primary and secondary Prime Infrastructure servers. You can do this using either of the following options:


–Launch Prime Infrastructure, choose Administration > High Availability > HA Configuration, and click Remove.

–Go to admin console and run the ncs ha remove command.


•There is no need to shut down your server before installing this patch release. The patch installation will stop the application and restart it again.

•There is no need to reboot your system manually after applying this patch.

•The patch installation takes approximately 15-20 minutes.


Follow these steps to install the patch to your existing Prime Infrastructure system:


Step 1          Go to the following URL to download the PI_1_3_0_20-Update.1.12.tar.gz patch to your repository:


Step 2          Open a console session and log in to the existing server as admin. Enter the password when prompted.


Note          If you want to know more about creating a remote repository, see the Setting Up Remote Repositories section of the Prime Infrastructure User Guide:

Step 3          Install the patch:


admin# patch install <patchFile> <repositoryName>


<patchFile> is the name of the patch file you copied.

<repositoryName> is the name of the repository that you configured.

Once the patch is installed successfully, you can verify the patch version using the following command:

admin# show version

Sample Output:


Version :

Patch: Cisco Prime Network Control System Version: Update-1_12_for_version_1_3_0_20


This patch version number is shown only when you use the show version command. On the Prime Infrastructure UI, only the base version number 1.3 ( appears.


For more information, see the following section of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Quick Start Guide



Release Notes for Update 1 for Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Clarifying the upgrade/migration path to Prime Infrastructure 2.0

Tips for upgrading to Prime Infrastructure

Upgrading to Prime Infrastructure 1.3

Clarifying the upgrade path to Prime Infrastructure Update 4

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