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Receive the Deauthenticating [CiscoUser]000XXXXXXAXB, reason Inactivity access point log message



Inactivity means that the Access Point (AP) has not received any traffic  from the client for a period of time. Reason for client's inactivity mighte be

1) Client is switched off or the client's power is  weak that clients traffic doesnt reach the AP.

2) Client has roamed to a new  access point and the new access point was not able to noti previous access point due to interoperability issues provided access points are from different vendors.

Therefore, the AP deauthenticates the client as a security precaution. This forces the client to reauthenticate to pass traffic.

Carry out one or more of the following

1) Increase the client's power

2) You can modify a timer for the AP not to deauthenticate the client. The timer is found in the AP menu system under the following steps:  Setup ("Associations" section) > Advanced.  Adjust the default activity timers. Times are measured in seconds; 0 (zero) tells the AP to never timeout idle clients.

3) Reset the AP and reconfigure the AP and check with default timer. If the message still appears try step 1. If it fails proceed to step 4

4) Upgrade the AP's firmware.

Problem Type

Error message

Device cannot associate

The signal is weak or fluctuating


AP 340, 350

AP 1200

VxWorks Errors, Warnings, Statistics and Log Messages

Deauthenticating [hostname][MAC address], reason Inactivity

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