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Statically configuring a LWAPP access point


Ideally, the LWAPP access points are plug and play devices. Once you plug a LWAPP AP into a switchport, assuming all the other network config is in place (AP and WLC on same vlan, or AP is able to learn WLC via DHCP or DNS), it should register with the controller just fine.

"sh version" on the AP will have a "k9w8" in it instead of a "k9w7" which stands for autonomous.

Lightweight/controller based/capwap/lwapp image:

Cisco IOS Software, C1130 Software (C1130-K9W8-M), Version 12.4(23c)JZ, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) c1130-k9w8-mx.124-23c.JZ

Autonomous/IOS/Standalone image:

Cisco IOS Software, C1140 Software (C1140-K9W7-M), Version 12.4(21a)JY, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)c1140-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JY

You cannot access the light weight AP via telnet, ssh or web directly. You can only make changes to it via the controller once it registers to it.

It is sometimes necessary to make config changes statically on the AP before it registers to the controller; e.g. assign static address, an ip gateway or tell it which controller to join to. This can be done with cli commands via the console port, which are unlike the IOS commands that we are used to.

1. To see all static config on the AP:

AP0022.9090.e859#sh capwap ip config

LWAPP Static IP Configuration

2. Static config -

AP0022.9090.e859#capwap ap ip address

AP0022.9090.e859#capwap ap ip default-gateway

Telling the AP the controller to join-

AP0022.9090.e859#capwap ap controller ip address

AP0022.9090.e859#sh capwap ip config

LWAPP Static IP Configuration

IP Address

IP netmask

Default Gateway

Primary Controller

To view the AP private-config:

AP0022.9090.e859#show capwap client config

configMagicMark         0xF1E2D3C4

chkSumV2                4204

chkSumV1                33089


adminState              ADMIN_ENABLED(1)

name                    AP0022.9090.e859

location                default location

group name







ssh status              Disabled

Telnet status           Disabled

numOfSlots              2

spamRebootOnAssert      1

spamStatTimer           180

randSeed                0x5B3B

transport               SPAM_TRANSPORT_L3(2)

transportCfg            SPAM_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT(0)

initialisation          SPAM_PRODUCTION_DISCOVERY(1)

ApMode                  Local

ApSubMode               Not Configured

AP Rogue Detection Mode Enabled

OfficeExtend AP         [0] Disabled

OfficeExtend AP JoinMode[0] Standard

Discovery Timer         10 secs

Heart Beat Timer        30 secs

Led State Enabled       1

Primed Interval         0

AP ILP Pre-Standard Switch Support Disabled

AP Power Injector Disabled

Infrastructure MFP validation Disabled

Configured Switch 1 Addr

Configured Switch 2 Addr

non-occupancy channels:

Ethernet (Duplex/Speed) auto/auto

3. To clear the config-

AP0022.9090.e859#clear capwap ap ip address

AP0022.9090.e859#clear capwap ap ip default-gateway

AP0022.9090.e859#clear capwap ap hostname

AP0022.9090.e859#clear capwap ap controller ip address

To clear the AP private config-

AP0022.9090.e859#clear capwap private-config

AP0022.9090.e859#show capwap client config

4. Normally, if the AP cannot find a controller to join, it will automatically reboot.

To prevent it from rebooting,-

AP0022.9090.e859#debug capwap cli no-reload

5. Prior to configuring the AP:

Before the Access Point will allow configuration changes, it is first necessary to enter the following debug command:

AP0022.9090.e859#debug capwap console cli

This command is meant only for debugging/troubleshooting

Any configuration change may result in different

behavior from centralized configuration.

CAPWAP console CLI allow/disallow debugging is on

6.To upgrade the rcv image on the AP-

AP0022.9090.e859#debug capwap console cli

archive download-sw /overwrite /force-reload tftp://<TFTP SERVER>/<file name>

e.g- archive download-sw /overwrite /force-reload tftp://

default password: Cisco

The AP should boot up with the lightweight code; "sh version" on the AP will have a "k9w8" in it instead of a "k9w7" which stands for autonomous.

6. Debug commands to monitor the discovery process:

AP0022.9090.e859#debug ip udp

To view the AP detail (controller ip, operational state, software version):

AP0022.9090.e859#show capwap client rcb

AdminState                  :  ADMIN_ENABLED

SwVer                       :

NumFilledSlots              :  2

Name                        :  AP0022.9090.e859

Location                    :  default location

MwarName                    :  5508-5

MwarApMgrIp                 :

MwarHwVer                   :

ApMode                      :  Local

ApSubMode                   :  Not Configured

OperationState              :  UP

CAPWAP Path MTU             :  1485

LinkAuditing                :  disabled

AP Rogue Detection Mode     :  Enabled

AP Tcp Mss Adjust           :  Disabled

Band Direct                 :  Enabled

Predownload Status          :  None

Auto Immune Status          :  Disabled

RA Guard Status             :  Enabled

Efficient Upgrade State     :  Disabled

Efficient Upgrade Role      :  None

TFTP Server                 :  Disabled

802.11bg(0) Radio

  GPR Period                : 10

  Beacon Period             : 100

  DTIM Period               : 0

  World Mode                : 1

  VoceraFix                 : 0

  Fragmentation Threshold   : 2346

  Current Tx Power Level    : 7

  Current Channel           : 6

802.11a(1) Radio

  GPR Period                : 10

  Beacon Period             : 100

  DTIM Period               : 0

  World Mode                : 1

  VoceraFix                 : 0

  Fragmentation Threshold   : 2346

  Current Tx Power Level    : 0

  Current Channel           : 165

NOTE - For older APs,"capwap" will not work; in that case replace the "capwap" keyword in all the above commands with "lwapp"

Cisco Employee


What does RCB stand for?



Community Member

Good post. I used them for configuring 1242g, but with a little addition.

1242g trying to resolve DNS name of default name of WLC controler.

This command solve this.

capwap ap primary-base WLC-Name

Also it could be done with putting A record on local DNS of WLC name.


Cheers mate helped me a lot :) 

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