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The image corrupts when the configuration clears with the use of option 5 at the boot menu on a WLC 2006 that runs version


Core Issue

This problem is due to Cisco bug ID CSCsg18356. This appears in the window during the boot process:Booting Primary Image...
Choose now for additional boot options...

Boot Options

Choose one of these options:

1. Run primary image (Version (active)
2. Run backup image  (Version
3. Manually upgrade primary image
4. Change active boot image
5. Clear Configuration

Please enter your choice: 5
Detecting hardware . . . .
Clearing system configuration: done.

Configuration has been cleared.  Restarting...
Then, this error message appears on the console at boot time: Cisco AireOS Version
Initializing OS Services: Failed to open /mnt/application/eeprom.dat.
Cisco Crash Handler
This build was configured to copy this crash information to a file called: "/mnt/application/mwar_dump1.crash"


When the configuration is cleared with option 5 from the boot menu, the eeprom.dat file does not backup and is deleted. This file holds the serial number, the MAC address, and other information that is related to the box. Without this file, the WLC 2006 cannot boot and the unit must be replaced.

Make sure following steps are completed before option 5 is used

  1. Update the _ER.aes file on the controller.

  2.   Update the controller to version

Until those steps are complete, do not use option 5 from the boot menu on the WLC 2006 controllers that run these firmware versions:








If the configuration is cleared without the completion of those steps, the hardware must be replaced.

Problem Type

Other software issues


2000 Series

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