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The Intel 2200 b/g client cannot pass traffic with AP 1000 and 4400 WLC in 802.11g mode


Core Issue

Problem was identified in AP1000 low level driver code. Driver code was setting the noise imunity level to very high value causing chip to drop a valid packet from client.

The low-level drivers on the Access Points (APs) erroneously multiply the number of non-responses to the controllers, causing the controllers to drop the clients from the association table more quickly than they should.  This affects some Network Interface Cards (NICs) more than others. If NIC cards are well-behaved and responsive, the multiplication does nothappen (for example, 0 X multiplier = 0).

But if NIC cards are poorly behaved or if RF conditions are not optimal, there are non-responses.


This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsd22087.

This issue is first found in version 3.2(78) and is first fixed in versions 4.0(155) and 3.2(116.21)

It is also being fixed in Amberhill MR1.

The upgrade can be done through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or the Command Line Interace (CLI), as shown:

transfer download serverip
transfer download filename
transfer download datatype code
transfer download path /
transfer download start

The fix for these is in the controller code. Refer to Wireless LAN Software.

For more information, refer to Release notes for Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and Lightweight Access Points for Release

Problem Type

Associated but cannot pass any traffic


Access point

4400 Series

LAP 1000

Radio Type / Standards



LWAPP network

SW Features

Lightwieght Access Point Protocol (LWAPP)

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