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The "Information Group rad_acct: Radius server,1646 is responding again (previously dead) " error message appears on the Cisco IOS based 1230 access point that runs firmware release 12.3(2)JA2


Core Issue

A similar error message to this can appear:

12 Mar 9 11:05:26.225 Information Group rad_acct: Radius server,1646 is responding again (previously dead). 
16 Mar 9 11:03:09.361 Error Group rad_acct: No active radius servers found. Id 106.


The error occurs due to the specific setting on the access point, which is radius-server deadtime 10.

When you enable this setting, it causes the Cisco IOS  software to mark dead any Radius servers that fail to respond to authentication requests, that avoid the wait for the request to time out before the attempt to the next configured server. A Radius server marked as dead is skipped by additional requests for the duration of minutes unless all servers are marked dead. If you configure Dead Radius for 10 minutes, this means that the server cannot be used for 10 minutes.

You can disable this command if you want this log to disappear, though it is like an information log, not a major error problem.

Problem Type

Error message


AP 1200

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