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The "Rogue AP made as Acknowledged AP" error message appears on the WCS version


Core Issue

The Rogue AP made as Acknowledged AP error message is due to Cisco bug ID CSCse80700. The rogue access point (AP) alarms can initially appear with a non-zero received-signal-strength-indication (RSSI) value and a Service Set Identifier (SSID) set to a non-empty name, but eventually, the RSSI value updates to zero with no SSID.


This problem first occurs in the Wireless Control System (WCS) version 4.0(66). An AP is reported as a rogue until that AP joins the neighbor list, and the list verifies that the AP is safe. If that AP never joins the controller with those APs, it is reported as a rogue until the other APs in their neighbor group acknowledge it.

The only workaround available is to disable the rogue AP poll and rely completely on traps to detect rogues. In this case, rogue alarms contain a non-zero RSSI value. But, over time, due to lost traps and inaccurate detection counts, the rogue AP alarm information drifts and becomes inaccurate. In addition, if the rogues move, the RSSI value never revises downward.

In order to resolve this issue, upgrade all controllers to version Refer to Cisco Downloads in order to download the firmware.

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Error message


Wireless Control System

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