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The WCS version intermittently reports "all radios down", even though the WLC does not report this



The access point (AP) alarms generate because the WCS queries the location server continuously. The queries are sent once at a time. They are held for a maximum of two hours, which appears in the WCS logs. If the location server fails to respond, the queries are held, and the AP alarms generate.

1. First check the network connectivity between WCS and Location server by pinging.

2. As a temporary workaround, reload the WCS and the location server. Upgrade the location server to version and WCS to

Note:Use HTTP rather than HTTPS  for communication between WCS and Location server.   In case  HTTPS is used make sure  the command "getserverinfo -protocol HTTPS" is used on WCS.

3.  Make sure WCS is sync with WLC.  On WCS go to Configure > Controllers > click the check box next to IP Address to select all controllers, then from the Select A Command dropdown, choose "Refresh Config From Controller".  On the next screen, choose the "Delete" option to have WCS accept the realtime current state of the world from the controllers, and click Go.

Refer to these documents for more information:

Problem Type

Intermittent connectivity - flapping


Wireless Location Appliance

Wireless Control System

Wireless LAN Controllers

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