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Tips for upgrading to Prime Infrastructure



Please be advised that due to challenges with installing, migrating to and backup/restore of Prime Infrastructure, Field Notice 63595 has been issued.

Field Notice: FN - 63595 - Prime Infrastructure Release 1.2 - NCS Releases 1.0/1.1/1.1MR - Data Migration and Upgrade Issue

Cisco apologizes for the inconvenience.  Prime Infrastructure is now available.  

As well, due to the timing of releases of different product lines, NCS cannot be migrated into Prime Infrastructure  NCS will be able to be migrated into a later release of Prime Infrastructure.  The situation is similar with NCS, which is FIPS compliant; it will not be able to be migrated into Prime Infrastructure until a FIPS compliant release of Prime Infrastructure becomes available. 

If you have an HA setup, it's important to note that HA must be REMOVED (not just disabled) prior to starting an upgrade.  Administration > High Availability > HA Configuration > Remove button.

If you're having trouble with your existing NCS or NCS installation, don't assume that upgrading to Prime Infrastructure will fix them.  Consider upgrading to NCS and stabilizing NCS before moving on to Prime Infrastructure.

Upgrading the database is a very intricate process and it takes a very long time on large databases.  TAC has seen upgrades take 10-12 hours, and as long as 23 hours, particularly during the "Schema Upgrade" and "Enabling DB Constraints" steps.  Please be patient and let the upgrade complete. 

Upgrading is a 2 step process.  Go to the NCS Patches page and choose the patch that coincides with the version of NCS you're running. 

NCS Version
Patch Filename






Then go to the Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Software page and choose the Prime Infrastructure upgrade file, PI-upgrade-bundle-  Be sure to check the files' sizes and MD5sums before continuing.  Nothing slows down an upgrade like corrupted downloads.

TAC has found that upgrades to Prime Infrastructure go much quicker when the files actually reside onboard the VM.  To leverage the FTP server built into Prime Infrastructure, make the FTP server's root directory into a repository.  You can use the commands

config t

repository localftp

url disk:/ftp


write mem

to create the repository.  You can then use any FTP client application with the built-in user "ftp-user" to get the necessary files into the repository.  Be sure to use a binary transfer to put the file into the FTP server.

Once the files are onboard (show repo localftp), the first step, patching the NCS installation, is initiated with the command

patch install ncs_1_1_1_24-Update.13.4.tar.gz localftp

The second step, actually starting the upgrade to Prime Infrastructure, is initiated with the command

application upgrade PI-upgrade-bundle- localftp

To cleanup when the upgrade does eventually finish, you can use the commands

delete disk:/ftp/ncs_1_1_1_24-Update.13.4.tar.gz

delete disk:/ftp/PI-upgrade-bundle-

The password for the built-in FTP server's account (username ftp-user) was set when NCS was initially configured.  If that password needs to be reset, use the command

ncs password ftpuser ftp-user password <new_password>

A patch for Prime Infrastructure has been released, PI_1.3.0.20_Update_1-12.tar.gz, which fixes a number of backup/restore issues, reduced the size of the backup.tar.gpg that the backup process produces and several other fixes.  It's highly recommended to upgrade to this newest patch with the command

patch install PI_1.3.0.20_Update_1-12.tar.gz localftp

The patch installation script will take care of restarting Prime Infrastructure after the install.


I've upgrade from NCS to Prime 1.2 and can no longer login via the GUI. I can still SSH and Console. I've reset the root password but the GUI login still fails. Any ideas?



try to restore backup of the NCS, created before upgrade. step.5 creates the backup. There is no mention about the restore, but until I didn't restore the backup, the HTTPS service was not enabled a NCS was not accessible via http/https. After restore everything works fine.


Cisco Employee

If all the components are running, when looked from the CLI using the 'ncs status' command it could be a symptom of a known bug (CSCud18628). If it is, open a TAC case so an Engineer can perform the work-around.


There's a note for saying a patch has to be applied prior to upgrade. I'm having a hard time finding any patch so labeled in the CCO download area, any pointers?

Tvoll ,

Please find below URL and hope you will find all the PATCHES.

Since you got installed, you can upgrade straight to the new 1.3 PI

  • •1.       You need to download a point patch first


The point patches are located at the following location:

  • •2.      Once the existing system is patched, we can upgrade to 1.3


You can download from

Install instructions for point patch and inline upgrade


delete post - my fault, found the file in the download area.

I must say it's complicated to search together all different software file which are required to upgrade on the Cisco page.



Can i install Cisco prime infrastructure 1.3 with 1.1 license.To be more precise it will be fresh installation

but the licenses I have is of 1.1.As per my overview from Cisco prime Infrastructure 1.2 NCS and NCS(WAN)

has been bundled into one service.But both were seperate entities in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.1.


we currently have the following version of Prrime

Cisco Prime Network Control System


Version :

In order to manage V7.4 wireless controllers i need Prime 1.3 however I cant find a patch Point file for this upgrade path.

Can i upgrade to 1.3 from the above version


If you have you can go straight to PI 1.3 without any patch



we currently have the following version of NCS and I am trying to upgrade to 1.3.  I get the following error:

Cisco Prime Network Control System


Version :

cisco-prime/admin# patch install PI-upgrade-bundle- wcs-nfs-repo

Save the current ADE-OS running configuration? (yes/no) [yes] ?

Generating configuration...

Saved the ADE-OS running configuration to startup successfully

Initiating Application Patch installation...

% Patch cannot be applied to the installed application version.


Can anyone help.  Thank you.



you use the wrong command, yours is for the patch but to upgrades use this one.....

cisco-prime/admin# application upgrade PI-upgrade-bundle- wcs-nfs-repo



Community Member

Upgraded from to The console login works, but I can't login to the web GUI. Restoring the backup created before the upgrade didn't fix things.

Any ideas?

Thank you.



Is it the same way to upgrade PI by using tftp? Thanks.

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