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User recieves the Active P2 AP is in Overloaded state (4294967295 associated clients) AP is in Overloaded state error message in WLSE


Core Issue

When polling cDot11ActiveWirelessClients through SNMP on an AP1200, it displays in the CiscoWorks Wireless Solution Engine (WLSE) as AP in Overloaded state .


This problem is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCef11167.

To get this information, WLSE polls this object:

dot11RetryCount OBJECT-TYPE
-- FROM IEEE802dot11-MIB
SYNTAX Counter
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS Current
DESCRIPTION -  "This counter shall increment when an MSDU is successfully transmitted after one or more retransmissions."

MAC Service Data Unit Delivery (MSDU) delivery ensures that the information in the MAC service data unit is delivered between the medium access control service Access Points (AP).

Once the MSDU is transmitted, the radio must re-contend for subsequent frames. In case of fragments, the transmitter does not wait for contention until all fragments are transmitted. (Default 0-60 is OK, 61-90 degraded, and  greater than 90 is overloaded).

The re-try count rate alarm indicates if the wireless medium is congested. The
alarm is be raised if the MSDU retransmission rate per minute is greater than the
specified threshold. For example, if the overloaded state is set to greater than 99, a fault is raised for an interface that has more than 99 MDSUs that required retransmission in aminute.

This issue was first found in version 12.2(15)JA . It is resolved in AP running Cisco IOS 12.3(2)JA.

For upgrading the IOS to 12.3(2)JA, refer to Downloads

For more information, refer to these documents:

Problem Type

Intermittent connectivity - flapping

Error message


AP 1200

CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE)

Wireless Devices Errors, Warnings, Statistics and Log Messages

Active P2 AP is in Overloaded state ([int] associated clients) AP is in Overloaded state

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