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What is "COS-AP" ???


I found that "Barbados AP" is an AP that uses "u-boot". Conversely, what is called an AP that does not use "u-boot"?


What is "COS AP"?


The grammar may be out of the question because I used a translator.

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Actually I think it's ClickOS Leo. It's the same (newer, wave 2) APs which use u-boot.

The older Cisco APs run Cisco IOS.

The really old Aironet APs run VXworks.

Cisco Employee

Yes, it's Click OS. All of the new wave 2 APs come with COS. It's built on top of IOS but behaves differently.

COS Aps are Click OS APs  (Newer AP models, Wave 2 etc)

For ex : 18xx,28xx,38xx,48xx models are click OS Aps or Cos APs. Notice that the second numerals are '8' in all cases in these example given. 


The rest are referred as IOS APs (older ones)

For ex: 3500,3600,1600, 2600,2700,3700 etc. Notice here the older IOS AP models, the second numerals have '5', '6' for 11n, '7' for 11ac support etc just to give you an idea.


This list is not exhaustive considering there are other models such as 15xx which are used as MESH APs.



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