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What the Range and Throughput parameters signify in terms of radio data rates



The Range and Throughput parameters are used depending on the WLAN environment in which the Cisco Access Points (APs) are deployed, as well as the throughput requirements of the WLAN network. For example, if Range is selected, the AP is optimized for maximum range.

The Range and Throughput parameters are among those to be checked if someone observes any intermittent connectivity issues between the AP and the client. If the AP is configured for Range, often such connectivity issues are resolved. This is because when the Range setting is used, the AP extends the range that is covered by the AP. It sets the lowest data rate to basic and the other rates to enabled in order to do this. However, if Throughput is used, the AP is more concerned about the maintenance of a consistent throughput.

For more information on the radio data rates, refer to the Configuring Radio Data Rates section of Configuring Radio Settings.

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AP 1100

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AP 340, 350

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