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Wireless client IP addresses are not learned if mobility trust is enabled in WLSM


Core Issue

If Layer 3 (L3) mobility is enabled on the Cisco Access Point (AP) and the mobility trust command is enabled on the Supervisor 720 (SUP720) tunnel interface, AP, and Wireless LAN Service Module (WLSM), the IP addresses of wireless clients are not learned.


This problem is tracked in Cisco bug ID CSCei18019. This problem exists in versions 12.3(2)JA2 and 12.3(4)JA. The bug applies to Cisco AP350, AP1100, AP1130, and AP1200.

These are the results of such a situation:

  • The show wlccp ap mobility forwarding command on the AP does not have an entry for the wireless clients.
  • The show dot11 association command shows that the wireless clients are associated.
  • The show mobility mn command on the SUP720 shows that the wireless clients have an IP address of (for example, under the Mobile Node (MN) IP Address).
  • The show wlccp wds mobility network-id command on the WLSM shows a "-" value for the IP address of the wireless clients.
  • The client does not actually receive an IP address and associates with a Windows default 169 address (APIPA). 

Note: For the SUP720, the mobility trust command is necessary if some devices in the network employ static IP addresses. The command is unnecessary if they do not.

These are the workarounds for this issue:

  • If static IP addresses are assigned to wireless clients, reboot the AP. This resolves the problem temporarily, but the problem returns later.

  • If all wireless clients receive IP addresses from DHCP servers, disable the mobility trust command on the tunnel interface.

  • Add a DHCP Scope for Tunnel Interface of Sup720.

  • Add ip mtu 1476 , mobility tcp adjust-mss coomands on Tunnel interface of Sup 720.

  • Configure the ip dhcp snooping and ip dhcp snooping packet under the tunnel interface .

  • If only DHCP clients are used try removing Mobilty-Network ID from the SSID on the access point.

This issue is fixed in version 12.3(7)JA, 12.3(8)JA and later versions.

For more related configuration commands, refer to the follwoing Documents

For the AP Cisco IOS  Software upgrade procedure, refer to Managing Firmware and Configurations.

Problem Type

Configure / Configuration issues

Associated but cannot pass any traffic


Access point

Wireless LAN Service Module (WLSM)

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