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Wireless Config Analyzer Express v 0.6.0


Where to download

General information:

  • New implementation for the WLC Config Analyzer. it is a new re-write of the application, with clean up and improved checks
  • Support for IOS-XE (9800) controllers
  • Two versions available: as Cloud, just upload your file and get a summary report, or as mini-Desktop application, with more detailed information (limited GUI)
  • Main Objective: Save time processing WLC configurations
  • Secondary Objective: RF Analysis
  • Secondary Objective: Audit config against a rule set
  • It is fully offline to the controller, it does not store any data, or sends any data back
  • It is not a TAC supported products, it is basically provided "as is"
  • Windows 10 and Mac OS supported
  • Support, Questions, Feature requests:

For more details, check:!wireless-config-analyzer-express


Changes on v.0.6.0:

April 22th:


  • Added average power in dBm for channel stats
  • Added TX power in dBm on in AP RF summary
  • New check if FT is adaptive/enabled and WLAN has WPA2 disabled
  • New check if WPA3 is in use, and IOS APs are present
  • Check if ARP proxy has been enabled on Policy profiles
  • Check for Bundle vs Install mode


  • Filter worksheet creation if no controller messages are present
  • IP source guard in WLAN parsing
  • Error parsing time with CEST timezone
  • Check sleeping client if parameter map parameter is not set

Changes on v.0.5.9:

Feb 15th:

  • 9800: Added check for CCKM + PSK validation
  • 9800: Extended check for FT enabled over open WLANs
  • Fixed AP neighbor report on XLS
  • Added action text information for several checks

Changes on v.0.5.7:

Nov 18th

  • Fixed IPv6 handling for Aps in IOS-XE
  • Added prefix parsing
  • Fixes 11ax radio types
  • Fixed error while parsing CDP AP entries
  • Fixed parsing of 160 MHZ rogue list
  • Added 17.3 new config lines parameters
  • Fixed Python time zone handling for IST
  • Fixed nearby handling of “zero” for neighbor entry
  • Fixed two different errors while parsing AP radio summary
  • Fixed NTP parsing error
  • Fixed exception when corrupted file lacks 5GHz band

Changes on v.0.5.4:

April 21th

  • Fixed check 30005.
  • Fixed check 240008 to filter out if CCKM is in use

New IOS-XE checks:

  • 240014 WLAN: CCKM is in use, but Aironet Extensions are disabled, both must be set to enabled, for WGB or 882x phones to work properly. 
  • 230039: General: At least one hardware resource has reached warning threshold. This should be investigated: 

Changes on v.0.5.3:

April 16th

  • Optimisation on interface parsing, location, ap_groups sections
  • Fixed exception during wlan/tag per AP radio calculation
  • Fixed exception parsing invalid mac address
  • General 8.10 support improvements
  • Corrected error reporting AP group name not found for APs on disabled state
  • Optimisation of Backup Controller section
  • Added 11h section parsing
  • Corrected 802.11b config parsing (optimization, error detection, etc)
  • Fixed TACACS check error
  • Improved WLAN parsing
  • Updated recommended AireOS versions
  • Fixed error during redundancy state check
  • Fixed 20013 false positive when AP secondary/tertiary controllers names were empty
  • Improved 30129, 30059 text, information

Changes on v.0.5.0

  • I30129 - Check is skipped if version is 8.7 or higher 
  • 120014 - fixed incorrect handling of plural

  • Code refactoring for show switch config section

  • Filter invalid AP models (corrupted original files)

  • Support for 91xx on EWC mode for 17.1

Changes on v.0.5.0

  • Improvements to Neighbour XLS Reporting . Now it shows compensated power, shows if neighbour is on same channel, and colour code how much impact it is
  • Fixes problem if wireless client stats has invalid negative value entry
  • Fixed RLAN name parsing
  • Fixed exception when a tag was pointing to a RLAN instead of WLAN
  • Fixes AP summary parsing with long location name (>20 characters)
  • Added changes related to 17.1 support

Changes on v.04.6:

  • Added check for 1550 with 64MB
  • Corrected parsing errors on Noise/Load/Interference profile parsing, that were blocking some RF checks

Changes on v.04.5:

  • Added three new checks for 9800
  • Corrected parsing errors on AireOS mobility section



The download link is not working. Can you please check ? Thanks

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Why the script has to be open with admin rights in Windows?


apartir do emulador  eve-ng tenho como trabalhar com todo tipo de imagem cisco?

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