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Wireless Config Analyzer Express v 0.8.0


This version now introduces experimental new feature, "Upgrade Advisor,  targeted to one of common case generators: what are the supported versions and how to upgrade my current controllers and APs

It supports both AireOS and IOS-XE, covering since 7.0 to latest releases


Webex teams room:


For internal users, You can upload your file, and get fully detailed report, without having to install the desktop version:


As usual, installable desktop version is  available:


External Cloud version:

(update in progress)



  • Upgrade Advisor: Evaluates AP and controller models, and proposes upgrade options and path towards recommended code versions
  • Added check in case HTTP modules have been disabled (impact if upgrading to 17.3 and higher)
  • New syslog checks for AP profile: warn if facility is not Kernel, and recommend to change host from broadcast default
  • IOS-XE: New Hotspot2.0 checks: validates anqp server name, that wlan has dot1x enabled, and that anqp server entry has at least one roaming-oi with beacon flag
  • IOS-XE: if there are APs in flex mode, warns if there are any policies with central association enabled, and with central switching disabled, as unsupported combination


  • AP join profile checks are only applied to profiles with associated APs
  • Updated signature 290003, now it is filtered out, if AP is running one of the fixed versions (CSCvi96066)
  • AireOS: exception while parsing RLAN if local EAP was configured
  • AireOS: added error reporting when file is partially corrupted
  • Updated recommended releases
  • Corrected exception while exporting to XLS very old releases
  • Updated minimum recommended versions for IOS-XE
  • XLS now reports properly if file could not be parsed
  • Fixed XLS report failure for 16.10 controllers
  • Internal: parser changes to accommodate special feature report
  • AireOS: Fixed parsing when output it captured with DNAC

Hey, thanks for sharing these information it's really awesome and helpful for others. You can also check website for more information related to this. I'm looking for new version hope so it will be awesome

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