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WLAN- newbie question



I am completely new to Wireless technologies. Just started learing some basics. So my question is how the traffic moves in WLAN. Does Controllers acting as a switch or APs'? For example if I send a command to a wireless printer using my tablet PC in a WLAN how does the traffic flow?

It would be really great if someone get me some links where I can learn the basic wireless stuffs. Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks,



Here is a quick overview. 

The Controller acts as a switch. It does route traffic. The WLC is connected up to a router / SVI to manage routing. A packet sent on the LAN is routed to the printer GW which is above the WLC. The packet hits this interface and then routes it down to the WLC. The WLC then looks up the mac / arp and sends it to the associated AP the printer is attached to. It is sent in a CAPWAP tunnel from the controller to the AP. The Ap gets the packet, rips off the capwap exposing the frame. The radio then modulates the frame into bits. This is a quick overview ..

Stop by my sessions in a few weeks.. Ill be breaking down frames






Many thanks for the explanation George. Looking forward to attend you session.

Could you please suggest some good websites to start learning WLAN? Really apreciate you help on this.

Thank you.

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