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WLC compatibility for 2504 in regards with High Availability


2504 Compatibility for HA


2504 failover model is N+1, Meaning a Primary controller with a backup controller. There is no communication between the two controllers and they operate as standalone devices, so you have to configure them separately and license them separately.


2504 does not support SSO (Stateful Switch Over).


SSO Scenario 

  • Normally with other WLCs you configure them as an HA pair, in the event of a failure of a controller the AP will seamlessly associate to the second controller.
  • Different WLC Model also cannot be paired with HA and if it happens WLC with higher model will become active and other will go into maintenance mode.


N+1 Scenario 

  • Ensure the secondary controller is licensed to support the same amount of access points as the primary. (This can be an expensive option) 
  • The most common scenario is to purchase an HA-SKU controller AIR-CT2504-HA-K9. (HA is replaced with the number of built in license i.e AIR-CT2504-5-K9 – this is a 5 AP license box and is the smallest number of licenses you can purchase.) This is a box dedicated only for failover situations. It does not contain any built in licenses but will support up the maximum for the box (75) access points in the event of a failover for a period of 90 days. After which time you will start to get license alerts from the controller – after 90 days the access points will continue to work. You can also convert a standard controller i.e a AIR-CT2504-5-K9 into an HA-SKU box with the following command (config redundancy unit secondary)
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