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Vinay Sharma
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VPN disconnects from Wlan guest on 5508 Wireless LAN Controller




It appears that on the Guest Wlan, after random amount of time an established VPN connection using Cisco VPN client disconnects.

Wireless connectivity doesn't appear to go down, just the vpn connection.


We have 2 Wlans, 1 is production authenticates our Domain controllers which is working fine. The other is a Wlan that has restricted access internally, I allow http, https and VPN access out only.


QOS bronze is configured on guest Wlan.




Upgraded 5508 WLC to latest and greatest code and but still seeing same issue.





The session timeout would mean we would see a deauth every 30 minutes which could be your issue. But we had a similar problem on When users would VPN they would disconnect randomly. While others on guest without VPN stayed up and was fine.


We moved to and it seemed to fix the VPN guest issue for us.


Well that's basically what we were seeing as well.. Random VPN disconnects. We have upgraded to and we saw the same issue after the initial reboot of the WLC but haven't seen it since...Its possible that we might of killed the ping on that test and got hit with a deauth at the 30 min mark.


Right now both laptops are up into a VPN session with no issues and issue is fixed.






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