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Core Issue

The Mesh Access Point 1500 (MAP) is not listed in the MAC filter list. The AP payload error error message sometimes appears.


First, make sure that the primary controller name is correct on all of the access points (APs) and that all of the APs are not statically addressed though they are  outside of the subnet of the controller for the management interface.

In order to correct this, complete these steps: 

  1. From the command line interface (CLI), configure the config network allow-old-bridge-aps enable command. 

  2. Choose Security > AAA > AP Policies > Add AP to Authorization List from the GUI, and add the MAC address of all of the APs. Start with the troubled 00:00:00:00:00:00, choose MIC from the dropdown list, and click Add.

  3. Choose Security > AAA > MAC Filtering > New from the GUI, and complete the steps in order to allow the MAC addresses of all of the APs.

These steps allow the last AP to join. The maximum problem occurs because the Roof-top AP (RAP) and the MAP have static IP addresses. Clear these for general purposes, and return to the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) in order to facilitate an upgrade to Layer 3.

In order to remove the static IP address, complete these steps:

  1. Choose Wireless > All APs > Detail link of each AP in turn, uncheck the AP Static IP checkbox, and click Apply.

  2. The AP reboots and returns with an address through the DHCP. No issue occurs if no servers are available since this is currently a Layer 2 installation.

Then, complete these steps when the APs rejoin in order to remove the previous configuration:

  1. Choose Wireless > All APs > Detail link of each AP in turn, and click Clear Config in the lower right corner of the page.

  2. Again, each AP reboots and rejoins the controller without an issue.

Refer to documents for more information:

Problem Type



Mesh Access Point 1500

Wireless LAN Controllers

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