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How to configure Bonjour Gateway with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller release


Purpose of Bonjour Gateway


Bonjour is a link local protocol which does not cross L3 boundaries. With Bonjour gateway Apple devices will be able to discovery bonjour services across a layer 3 boundary (across different VLANs) without additional configuration on the end user device(s).




boujour topology.jpg

topology 2.jpg



Some facts about mDNS


  • You can configure different “profile names” and can include or exclude services from any “profile name”. Any given “profile name” consists of a set of services which are a subset of the services listed in the “master-service-list”.
  • A “profile name” can be mapped to a WLAN, Interface, or Interface group.
  • WLC has a global knob to enable / disable mdns snooping.
  • WLC also has a per-WLAN mdns enable / disable know to provide flexibility to users so that mdns can be enable or disabled per-WLAN.
  • Each client would belong to a single “profile name” based on the priority (Interface Group > Interface (including AP group) > WLAN) and only services associated with the “profile name” should be advertised to the client.
  • If mdns snooping is disabled on the WLC then the data plane will bridge the bonjour traffic as it is done today (relying on wireless and wired multicast config).
  • WLC snoops mdns traffic from both wireless / wired clients. For wired clients mdns snooping you need to have a dynamic interface defined on the WLC which is on the same VLAN as the wired client (for example Apple TV).


Configuration using GUI


Globally enable mDNS from Controller > mDNS >General








  • The global default list of services contain 5 services by default - AirPrint, Apple TV, HP_Photosmart_Printer_1, HP_Photosmart_Printer_2, Printer.
  • You can add more services from the ‘Master Services Database’.
  • You will need to add new services globally before you can include them in the mDNS profile.
  • You can also edit the query status field of the individual services from this page.
  • The list also shows the service string which corresponds to a particular service, for example Apple TV string is ‘_airplay._tcp.local.‘







  • The default mDNS profile ‘default-mdns-profile’, by default has 5 services enabled.
  • AirPrint, Apple TV, HP_Photosmart_Printer_1, HP_Photosmart_Printer_2, Printer.
  • You can check this from Controller > mDNS > Profiles
  • From here you can also see the total number of services for this profile, how many interfaces is the profile attached to, how many interface groups is the profile attached to and how many WLANs is the profile attached to.
  • You can also add/delete services from this page.
  • You can also create new profiles from Controller > mDNS > Profiles







You can find the list of discovered services under Controller > mDNS > Domain Names








CLI commands


Following is the list of CLI commands that can be used to configure the Bonjour Gateway on the WLC.


To enable disable global mdns snooping
WLC> config mdns snooping enable/disable


To create a new mdns “profile name”
WLC> config mdns profile create <profile-name>


To delete an existing mdns “profile name”.
WLC> config mdns profile delete <profile-name>


To attach an mdns “profile name” to an interface.

If WLAN is attached to Interface, WLC will throw dependency error.

WLC>config interface mdns-profile <interface-name / all> <profile-name/none>


To attach an mdns “profile name” to an interface-group.

If WLAN is attached to Interface, WLC will throw dependency error.

WLC>config interface group mdns-profile <interface-group-name/all> <profile-name/none>


To enable/disable mdns support for a WLAN. Default: enabled.

WLC>config wlan mdns-profile enable/disable <wlan id/all>


To attach an mdns profile to a WLAN.

WLC>config wlan mdns-profile <wlan id / all> <profile-name/none>


To create a new mdns service.

WLC>config mdns service create <service-name> <service string> [ query <enable/disable>]


To enable / disable query for a service.

WLC> config mdns service query enable/disable <service-name>


To delete an mdns service.

WLC>config mdns service delete <service-name>


To attach a service to a given “profile name”.

WLC>config mdns profile service add <profile-name> <service-name>


To remove the service from a “profile name”.

WLC> config mdns profile service delete <profile-name> <service-name>


To configure query interval. [range = 10 minutes to 2 hours, default is 15 min]

WLC> config mdns query interval <value in minutes>






WLC > show interface detail <interface-name>


WLC > show interface group detail <interface-group-name>


WLC > show wlan <wlan-id>


WLC > show client detail <mac-address>


WLC > show network summary


Clear command



To clear the mdns database learned dynamically per service

WLC >clear mdns service-database <service-name / all>


To display events related to mdns.

WLC >debug mdns message <enable/disable>

The mDNS_debugs file has the output for debug client, debug mdns message and debug mdns error for normal functioning.


To display mdns details of the events.

WLC >debug mdns details <enable/disable>


To display errors related to mdns processing.

WLC >debug mdns error <enable/disable>


To enable all debugs

WLC >debug mdns all <enable/disable>


Hi all,

I did a Bonjour Gateway Setup on a WLC 2504 with Code according to this Deployment Guide.

It works like a charm for iDevices with iOS 5.x, but iphones and ipads with iOS 6.x aren't able to find and airprinter at all.

After some googling it turns out, that there are some issues with airprint and iOS6.x. To my understanding this is more related to the airprinter devices (some changes in iOS 6, which printers are not yet supporting) - correct?

Anyway - des anybody got this working with an iOS6.x device?



When I installed the WLC, I had Apple TVs and clients on the same VLAN/WLAN. I activated multicast on WLC and ALSO on the L3 switch connected to the WLC. Everything worked perfectly.

Now I am asked to send Apple TV service on different VLANs, and I must activate mDNS.

Please note that WLC is model 2504.

Therefore, I have some questions

1) disabling global multicast is mandatory? I followed your instructions leaving it enabled, and I lost all the wired AppleTVs!

2) much more important: what about wired config? Do I have to disable multicast on L3, or on VLANs?

Please note that it is pretty urgent. Thanks

Davide Nitti

Dimension Data Italy

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