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Vinay Sharma
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    Add Device Failed! Device already exists in the current domain". even after an upgrade to cisco prime v2.0,

    its a 8500 controller on 7.4 code, it doesn't exist in controllers unknown devices either.


    During new Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS) installation, Two issues has been identified:-

    1, When the controller was removed and tried to add back, received the following error message

    "Add Device Failed! Device already exists in the current domain"

    2, SSH using putty over to the NCS instance (server) gets to a login prompt but when entered a valid user name it instantly returns

    "Access Denied"

    Note:- Browser access is fine with several user names and passwords.


    The above issue has been resolved by:-

    • Check under Configure - Unknown Devices.


    • Upgrade to the latest NCS bundle.tar.


    Normally when you connect via SSH the user can be anything as long as you enter the proper password for The SSH configuration, then you will need to authenticate enable or a user with security level 15.

    Also ensure your device is configured to accept SSH. The controller must always be cleared in the ROOT domain. The user for the SSH is "admin" and the root password you've set.

    Debug Commands

    The following debug commands are allowed:
    debug client <client-mac-address>
    debug pm ssh-tcp enable
    debug pm ssh-appgw enable
    debug pm rules enable
    debug pm config enable
    show client detail <client-mac-address>
    debug pem event enable


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    Cisco NCS Overview

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