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I have configured two aironet 1262N in order to bridge two LAN.

One aironet is configured as a "root bridge wireless-clients" and the other one as "non-root bridge wireless-clients".

I've configured each AP to broadcast the ssid (guest-mode).

Everything works fine when both AP are up (a wireless client associated with one of the AP can reach the APs and hosts connected to the Ethernet port of the AP).

My question is the following:

If i switch off the root bridge, my wireless clients can't associate to the non-root bridge AP and the SSID is not broadcasted.

Is it a normal behaviour?

(I thought that the wireless client would be able to associate with the non-root AP).

Thanks for your help.



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Level 4

Where do you expect your wireless clients to go if the uplink is down?  As a non-root bridge is going to send its ethernet through the uplink radio toward the root, that interface wouldn't be used to fall-back for the wireless clients.

So as far as I know, it would be completely reasonable behavior for the AP to stop servicing wireless clients if its uplink went down....

I suppose if everyone was static IP address, and all clients talked only to themselves, in that specific scenario there would be value to the Radio being up for clients.

However, generally speaking, I would expect that without the Root AP up and running then wireless clients would other wise be stranded on this AP  (like a honey pot or something) if it kept servicing the wlan. The last thing you'd want is an AP black-hole'ing clients  especially if there might be other APs servicing the wlans that are up (even though I'm sure that isn't your case).

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Level 1

I would expect the wireless clients to go the LAN connected to the non-root bridge AP (on interface g0).

Is it impossible?

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