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    Currently when client associates, Cisco wireless controller uses “management” interface/vlan as a source and NAS IP Address while sending Radius request or any other Radius Packet to AAA server for authenticating client (accounting packet as well).

    With this feature Cisco wireless controller will use the interface as a source and NAS IP address which belongs to client’s subnet.


    • Cisco wireless controller “management” interface IP Address is and Dynamic interface IP address is
    • Wlan or AP-Group mapped with Dynamic interface (
    • Client associates and gets IP address from Dynamic interface vlan.
    • WLC knows that client will get from which vlan so while authenticating and accounting WLC uses source and NAS IP address as Dynamic interface here in our case it will be

    Key Points

    1. When AAA override is enabled and client gets vlan or interface from AAA server, WLC will use the interface as source and NAS which is mapped with wlan or AP-group. After session timeout, WLC will use appropriate interface which is returned by AAA server.
    2. This feature only supported if client gets IP Address from Central site e.g. local mode AP, Flexconnect with central-switching and local-switching with central-dhcp etc.
    3. This feature can be enabled through CLI and GUI both.
    4. It’s a wlan specific configuration.

    Command to configure

    config wlan radius_server overwrite-interface enable <wlan_id>

    Commands to verify

    Show wlan <wlan_id>


    (sp-wifi-wlc) show wlan sp-wlan
    DTIM period for 802.11a radio.................... 1
    DTIM period for 802.11b radio.................... 1
    Radius Servers
    Authentication................................ 1812
    Accounting.................................... 1813
    Interim Update............................. Disabled
    Dynamic Interface............................. Enabled

    GUI Configuration

    Service Provider Wi-Fi - Radius Enhancement Feature 1.jpg

    Debug Commands

    There is no specific new command to debug. Old commands can be used

    • Debug client <client_mac_address>
    • Debug aaa all enable

    Cisco SP Wi-Fi Services Overview

    Our SP Wi-Fi Services portfolio is a comprehensive set of services representing a holistic approach to the total lifecycle of service provider Wi-Fi engagements. Starting with a proof of concept, it covers the end-to-end spectrum of planning, building, optimization, and operation services, each assured by Cisco service-level agreements (SLAs). These services are flexible and can be customized.
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi Proof of Concept Service
    – Demonstration of a centralized management system, with zero-touch service fulfillment for rapid deployments of meshed access points, using a cloud-based architecture hosted in a Cisco data center
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi RF Plan and Build Service
    – Professional services from Cisco and our Wi-Fi specialized partners
    – Help in planning and deploying the RF components of the Cisco SP Wi-Fi solution
    – Analysis of architectural readiness, with guidance on selecting and prioritizing locations for Wi-Fi
    – RF expertise to obtain the most from your wireless access points
    – Coverage and capacity planning
    – Post-deployment RF analysis assistance to promote deployment success
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi Core Plan and Build Service
    – Professional services from Cisco and our Wi-Fi specialized partners
    – Help planning and deploying the core components of the Cisco SP Wi-Fi solution
    – Analysis of architectural readiness and assistance with the SP Wi-Fi deployment design
    – Start-to-finish deployment assistance, including a mobile subscriber policy enforcement system
    – Pre-deployment validation to help ensure deployment success
    – Post-deployment knowledge transfers to help ensure your understanding of the solution
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi Solution Support Service (Reactive)
    – Expert assistance to streamline operation of the Wi-Fi architecture
    – Quick isolation and remediation of unplanned service disruptions
    – Tracking and identification of the root cause of disruptive incidents, which provides valuable information for design changes and to help you scale with mobile subscriber growth
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi Optimization Services (Proactive)
    – Expert analysis and recommendations for transforming your Wi-Fi architecture into a high-performing, efficient environment
    – Help creating a strategy for managing all the critical components of the Cisco SP Wi-Fi architecture using a suite of Cisco hosted network management applications
    – Availability and performance optimization expertise to validate your planned design changes
    – Collaboration in developing a strategy for managing software releases and changes
    – Continuous learning activities that help your IT staff become more self-sufficient
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi Assurance Service (Preemptive)
    – Extension of the measurement and analytical capabilities provided by your Cisco SP Wi-Fi architecture
    – Real-time monitoring of various key performance indicators (KPIs) from Cisco network operations center
    – Comprehensive analytics using fault, capacity, availability, and performance information to help ensure reliable operations
    • Cisco SP Wi-Fi Operate Service (End-to-End Platform Management)
    – Monitoring of the managed devices in the your environment to help ensure access points and controllers are properly activated and provisioned
    – Management of incident and problem resolution
    – Identification of operational trends to continually improve performance


    For more information on Service Provider Wi-Fi supported features:

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