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Discover the Precision of the New Cisco Hyperlocation Solution

Discover how the innovative new Cisco Hyperlocation Solution enables you to determine the on-site location of customers, visitors, and assets to within as little as one meter, opening up a whole new world of applications.

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Live webcast April 2, 2015, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time/1 p.m. Eastern Time

Location, as they say in real estate, is everything. And, when it comes to on-site location services, the more accurate the location, the more relevant the analytical information or customer-facing content they provide.

Based on this premise, Cisco has achieved a technological breakthrough with the introduction of the new Cisco Hyperlocation Solution, which combined with Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) enables you to determine the on-site location of customers, visitors, or assets to within as little as one meter.

This 60-minute webcast demonstrates how Cisco worked this magic by combining the strength of four technologies: (1) received signal strength indicator (RSSI), (2) Cisco Hyperlocation antennae array module, (3) Cisco FastLocate technology, and (4) Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon technology.

Our experts explore real-world use cases where the pinpoint accuracy of the Cisco Hyperlocation Solution can make a significant difference in the quality of location analytics, which helps businesses understand their customers’ behavior and provides a better customer experience. You also learn how you can deploy this innovative technology with a simple plug-and-play upgrade without new infrastructure investments. Join us and see how the Cisco Hyperlocation Solution can help you:
  • Greatly improve the accuracy of your location detection applications
  • Increase operational excellence by precisely locating customers, visitors, and assets
  • Enhance the wireless experience for your customers
  • Generate a greater return from your wireless networking investment

Live Q&A included

Our experts will be on-hand to answer your questions during the webcast. Join us and discover how the new Cisco Hyperlocation Solution takes context-aware mobility to a whole new level of accuracy.


Topics to be discussed include:
  • Introduction to indoor location
  • The three components of location—accuracy, refresh, and system latency
  • The evolution of location—GPS, RSSI, triangulation, Hyperlocation
  • Location in action—location accuracy in action
  • Cisco Hyperlocation Solution
  • Cisco FastLocate
  • Angle of arrival
  • BLE beacon
  • Q&A
Approximate duration: 60 minutes
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