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Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Bug CSCto37213  AP group parsing  "10011,Error parsing AP Groups, AP name not found" if AP name is > 20 charactersFixed 2.3.2
BugCSCto13320 AP group parsing in 7.2 reporting  "10011,Error parsing AP Groups, AP name not found"Fixed 2.3.1
CSCto17815 AP with default username, is not generating message
Fixed 2.3.1
FeatureCSCto37589 WLCCA: report offending line for parsing errorsPending
CSCto30825  Warn if wlan mappings are not the same across wlcs with hreap

When using the “Copy Contents to Clipboard” feature within  the main config set window, the contents of the “Voice Messages” tab cannot be  copied.  Instead, the contents of the “Global Messages” tab are sent to the  clipboard.

BugClicking on RF summary APs in the tree, does not move the gridFixed 2.14
BugRF index should take into consideration 40 MHz channelsPending
FeatureAutoinmune warning for voice, using 6.0.188 configPending
FeatureCount rogue containment rules,and warn if they are more thant X number, as it can cause performance impactPending
FeatureButton to reset settings to defaultPending
FeatureInformational message if no radius accounting is configuredPending
FeatureWarn if A-MPDU for priority 0 is disabledPending
FeatureWarn if multicast forwarding is enabled, and address is
FeatureCheck if hreap local switching is enabled, "do not learn IP" is checked on wlan, and webauth is in usePending
FeatureWarning if mobility timers do not match across mobility peersPending
FeatureWarining if WLC is referenced as anchor, but does not have itself as anchor in wlanPending
FeatureGraph: Client distribution per AP radio


FeatureImprove compensated power in 11a TPC view, so it takes into consideration max level depending on bands enabled and country usedPending
FeatureParse and show properly Coverage hole detection dataFixed
BugAP group parsing in 4.2Fixed
FeatureWarn if Expedited BW Request Status is enabled for 5.2. and bellowFixed
Vinay Sharma
Level 7
Level 7

thanks Javier for sharing useful info

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