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Bonjour Gateway Configuration Example - Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) release 7.4

Cisco Employee

In this Video you will see how to configure "Bonjour Gateway with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) release 7.4".


Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers - Configuration Guides




Bonjour Deployment Guide for 7.4


Also, starting IOS 6.1 apple has changed the mdns service string for airplay.


Please make sure Appletv and Airtunes services are checked for the clients.


Good stuff! The only thing is the video resolution is pretty low. Is there anyway to enhance it?


Hi the video is not available. In face none of the videos on any browsers open from Cisco support community off late. Let me know if I have to report this elsewhere. Thanks

Rising star

Thanks for your input Vinay. It seems to be some issue and I have reported this to technical team. I hope to get it fixed ASAP.


Vinay Sharma

Community Manager



Any update as to when the videos will become available?

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Hello Kyle,

The issue has been resolved and Video is available. In case you are using Chrome, please click the shield icon in address bar to load the unsecured content page again.


Vinay Sharma

Community Manager

Cisco Employee

Hello Vinay Sharma,

Please note that the video is still not playable. Tested IE, FF, and chrome.


Working fine today - Fixes my multicast headachs for now...


Hi Vinay,

Im running WLC  7.4  as bonjour gateway to enable ipad printing from diferent VLAN.

I can see the printers and print documents from Ipad.

For some reason Airprint printers randomly disconnect from the network, and on other occasions the printers show multiple versions of the same printer.

Do you know how to fix this issue?


Thanks for this video, this is exactly what I needed!


Might be just an spectacular video, but it just plays few seconds at a time. Then it bounces back to the beginning. Opera and Chrome tested. Firefox does not even show the embedded video (just the top and bottom frame of that vidscreen are visible tightly together). So just gotta go through all the booklets..donald hew. That would need some user device configuration to get that inter vlan printing etc to work..

Nearly nailed these settings for both WLC:s on our network..

then boom. Prime hits its too familiar feature or bug.


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Hello Patel,

So all you have to do is make sure you have both vlans configured on the WLC as interfaces, disable multicast, and enable mDNS snooping?

Thank you,



hello. is it possible to enable Bonjour via VPN?

I use Cisco ASA 5506-X K9 V3.
Network 1.
1. - internal network for CISCO ASA 5506-X K9. Further through the unmanaged switch Cisco SB SG110D is divided into all devices. 2. In the internal network, DLNA server and IPTV (software), Time Machine based on NAS devices (
Network 2 (another city of the Russian Federation).
1. Computers under MacOS through the router Apple AirPort Extreeme go online. 2. The network MFP through the router Apple AirPort Extreeme goes online.
Network 3.
Portable devices running Apple iOS go online both through Megaphone and through wi-fi network 1 and 2.
A task:
1. You need to configure Bonjour, Multicast, and auto-discovery on the network via VPN. At the output, you need to get a 100% "home" network with autodiscover based on VPN (probably L2TP).
2. Devices when connecting to the VPN - must change the external IP to the Cisco IP on the network 1 and go online with it.
3. Installing the RSA SSL certificate on CISCO ASA5506 (ordered for domain).
4. Devices should always be connected to the VPN, be it an internal network, or external.
5. Devices should not ask for passwords again after successful entry on reconnection.
6. All traffic must go through FirePower.


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