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Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) - Part 1


(view in My Videos)

In this video you will See -

1. Integration of ISE and WLC.

2. Basic configuration of WLC and ISE.


Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a next generation product that provides various types of solutions/services in a single box. Example – ACS, NAC, NAC Profiler, NAC Guest Portfolios.


PART 2:-


Cisco Identity Services Engine

Wireless LAN Controller


ya u can attach it here if you r not voilating ur company's privacy..


Hurreyyy. I managed to get it working. Now I can see the client with posture status pending. Since I am working from home today, I cannot test it further with my test laptop which has a LAN connection too apart from Wireless (I have connected via RDP). I watched the video closely again and followed "All" steps. I assumed few of the steps earliar . Yes the box sure has lot of options to configure. My main goal is to identify mobile devices and provide access. I will be able to get it tested further on Monday. Thanks Hemant for all your assistant.


Hi Hemant,

I have configured condition as firefox.exe and I have it running on the test laptop. Why is it still waiting in the posture check status?


it shld's tough to assume wht wld be d prob...need config to troubleshoot...


ISE log.jpg


Above is the report just taken from the ISE. I am using WPA2-enterprise with AES on the client....I think the username is coming as the mac address in the above screen shot, I dont know how to change it,


Hi Bijo,

1. Your WLC is running image. ISE is supported on and above. Plz upgrade it...

Can you point me to the WLC config needed to pofile wireless client? Like SNMP etc ...


if u talkin about ISE..then WLC does not use SNMP so u dont really need to configure it for just need to enable Radius NAC on wlan and configure Radius Auth/Acc server as ISE on WLC.

Also, is there an ISE prerequisite document for the WLCs. Like you pointed out the code version. Are there any other things we need to know ...?


Thank you for your quick reply. Then can you share how ISE profiles wifi devices? Or point me to specific reading on the topic (just for wifi). Dont care much about wired right now.


1. i dont think there is such doc available....but i think you can find such info in WLC/ISE config guide.

2. i think this video covers that part and how wireless client gets authenticated as well...


Hi Hemant, thanks I will try that and let you know. but just a progress, i did a reset to factory reset to the VM ISE  and reconfigured today, it started working with my WLAN controller now which was not working yesterday. I am using my ISE user to access WLAN controller now. But still the wireless is not working, will try upgrading the LAN controller and see

Actually, these videos dont cover anything about the "profiling" and how it works. There are 7 ways to profile, DHCP finger printing, SNMP, etc ... How does a client get profiled on a WLC ? Do you know?


ohh oki oki got it...i not know about any doc specific to will hve to read ISE config guide....i am working on it...will publish it asap...

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