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I'm running 3.1.0 but can't

I'm running 3.1.0 but can't see that report. The options I have under Device reports are :-

AP Ethernet Port Utilization New
AP Image Pre-download New
AP Profile Status New
AP Radio Downtime Summary New
AP Summary New
AP Utilization New
Busiest APs New
CPU Utilization New
Classmap QOS Statistics New
Detailed Hardware New
Detailed Software New
Device Credential Verification New
Device Health New
Dmvpn Reports New
GET VPN Network Status New
Identity Capability New
Interface Availability New
Interface Capacity New
Interface Utilization New
Inventory New
Memory Utilization New
Non-Primary Controller APs New
Top AP by Client Count New
Unified AP Radio Downtime Summary(Deprecated) New
Vlan New
Wired Detailed Device Inventory New
Wired Device Availability New
Wired Module Detail New
Wired Port Attribute New
Wireless Up Time New
Wireless Utilization New

This is from Version 3.1.6:

Attached photo is from Version 3.1.6.

But this report does not tell you when Ports where used the latest. It just tells you with what utilization limit which switch has how many empty/used/empty-down ports. again It does not tell when the ports where used the latest. And that is the report that we need. I saw a python script I'm going to test


In 3.2 there is a port

In 3.2 there is a port reclaim report. Doesn't work for me, I run it on a switch that I know has unused ports and get this for a result

No data matches the specified criteria for the report.


Re: In 3.2 there is a port

Port Reclaim Report is unfortunately NOT working as expected.  "Unused Up" I strongly assume is for switchports that are operationally down but not administratively shut down correct?  I have multiple ports that match this decription with last input and output status as "never" and all interface counters 0, and yet the port still does not show up in the Unused Up.  I have synced the device and the device has been in this state for many weeks and still no dice in the report, regardless if I choose reporting period of 1 day, 1 year or anything in between.


Additionally this Port Reclaim Report is completely counter-intuative.  In LMS4.2 I have the option to report all switchports that have not been used for x amount of time.  The output of that report shows me all ports not used for the past 30 days.  This new Port Reclaim report in Cisco Prime Infrastructure, when choosing "reporting period" of say 8 weeks, shows all switch ports that have been operationally down from 0 to 8 weeks; not ports that have been down for 8 weeks or more!  Please Cisco!!!

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