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Cisco prime infrastructure virtual appliance UDI


I installed virtual Prime 2.2 with temporary license on ESXI. Now temporary license is end and we bought base license.  But Web interface of Prime is blocked, because temporary license is end. On I must insert " Product ID" and " Serial number". Where can i found this parametres?


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"show inventory" CLI command

"show inventory" CLI command output should gives you what you want 

prime/admin# show inventory 

NAME: "Cisco-VM chassis", DESCR: "Cisco-VM chassis"
PID: Cisco-VM-SPID     , VID: V01 , SN: xxxxxxQFJJI



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under Prime 3.1.5, it changed

under Prime 3.1.5, it changed to Admin/Dashboards/System Monitoring Dashboard/Overview/System information.

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Re: "show inventory" CLI command

Hi, I'm trying to generate a Prime lic and trying to get the correct PID and serial for a Virtual appliance,

I have this:

from cli

NLPRIME/admin# sho inventory
PID: Cisco-VM-SPID , VID: V01 , SN: XXXXXXXXXXX  (11 chars long)


from Gui

NLPRIME:1f16c490-23c7-11e8-8287-xxxxxxxxxxxx (12 chars in the xx)


I tried 

Cisco-VM-SPID and 11 chars serial, it didn't like the PID.

then I tried 

PRIME-NCS-VAPL with same 11 chars serial, and still didn't like the PID.


so which is the correct PID and which of the two serial numbers?




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Re: "show inventory" CLI command


Via GUI you can get the right keys @ Administration -> Appliance (UDI Box)
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Cisco Prime Infrastucture

Cisco Prime Infrastucture licenses are locked to a specific Cisco Prime Infrastructure instance based on a unique device identifier (UDI) for a physical appliance or a virtual unique device identifier (VUDI) for a virtual appliance. The identifier can be found within the Cisco Prime Infrastucture user interface under Administration > Licenses. Also if you are using the command-line interface (CLI) on the physical appliance you can use the show udi command. The identifier consists of two parts: the product ID and the serial number.

If you use CLI, you will end

If you use CLI, you will end up with non-functional licenses and will need a TAC to get them straightened up.

Log on to your Prime web app, go to Administration -> Settings -> Appliance. Look for the Product Identifier and the Serial Number there. Use these to fulfill your licenses.

Product ID would likely be PRIME-NCS-VAPL, and the serial number will be your hostname:token. Use the whole string.


I am running PI v3.1.2. Where

I am running PI v3.1.2. Where can I find the UDI via the GUI? It is no longer Administration -> Settings -> Appliance (I had a TAC case and the engineer told me where to find it and I can't seem to recreate that path/URL.)

Thank you.




I recently opened a TAC case and ran into the same issue. I was unable to find the UDI. It appears that they made changes in 3.1.2 and the "Appliance" settings are no longer visible in the GUI. I did extensive searching though all the menus and sub-menus, but to no avail.

Fortunately I had the UDI saved in an e-mail from adding more licenses earlier this summer. This sure looks like a bug to me.



According to Appendix H:

Beginning with PI 2.2 and continuing to PI 3.0, all licenses come with no node lock (Base, Lifecycle, Assurance, UCS® Server, Operations Server licenses)

UID and VUID are no longer used

You no longer need UID or VUID for ordering licenses

Not sure on the license portal if we still need to enter a valid UID to get a valid license. IMHO, that should not be the case anymore, but Cisco should be the one making the call and clarifying this.

I actually found out where

According to TAC, the UDI is still required for the PI 3.x licensing, even while not node locked.


"Appliance" page in Prime 3.1

"Appliance" page in Prime 3.1 has been moved to ADMINISTRATION --> DASHBOARDS --> SYSTEM MONITORING DASHBOARD.  Expand "System Information" and you'll see the UDI for Prime 3.1




Thank you for this!!

Amazing answer! Thanks a lot

Amazing answer! Thanks a lot :)


Great answer for vadamov!

Great answer for vadamov!

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